11 Dublin Areas to Avoid: Most Dangerous Areas (Personal Experience!)

Got a trip to Dublin planned, but wondering if there are any Dublin areas to avoid as you finalize your accommodation? 

Dublin is generally a safe city and you’ll be alright if you stay in the right areas, but it goes without saying that you shouldn’t take your safety for granted.

I’m Ger, I live in Ireland and I have Irish friends from all walks of life living all over Ireland. 

One of my friends from Tallaght was constantly robbed when he did his morning paper rounds as a kid. 

Because of this, my dear pal who is now a fully-grown adult still keeps some spare change handy, not because it’s unsafe, but because you just never know when something like that might happen. 

It’s almost like a way of life for him now.

And for most Irish people it’s the same – we recognize that our beautiful country is safe but there are still some incidents that will happen and areas we should avoid.

If you want to err on the side of caution, here are ..

11 Dublin areas to avoid: 

1. Ballymun

2. Blanchardstown

3. Cherry Orchard 

4. Clondalkin

5. Darndale 

6. Finglas

7. Jobstown 

8. Lucan 

9. Pearse Street

10. Sheriff Street 

11. Tallaght 

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Dublin areas to avoid

11 Dublin Areas To Avoid 

1. Ballymun

Ballymun was home to many high-rise residences, built in the 1960s to address a housing crisis. 

These flats later served as covers for drug abuse and other vices. 

While these have since been demolished and there’s been some cleaning up done, there are still incidents of mugging and brutal attacks happening in the area. 

This can be quite worrisome given that the Ballymun area houses many young students from Dublin College University. 

Dublin areas to avoid

2. Blanchardstown

Known as the Paris of Dublin, Blanchardstown is probably the last place you’d think of avoiding. 

But while the village itself is fine, the housing estates in the area can be slightly dodgy. 

The area also gets many tourists and by proxy, pickpocketing happens quite frequently. 

3. Cherry Orchard 

On the surface, Cherry Orchard seems like a quiet residential area in Bellyfermot in west Dublin, but in recent years, there’s been increased crime and anti-social behavior by youths in the area.

Increasing numbers of residents are moving out of the area as it gets increasingly unsafe. 

4. Clondalkin

Clondalkin is a more affordable alternative to living in Dublin City and is popular among locals or expats living in Dublin. 

While this means that there are plenty of people and amenities, it is still considered a slightly rough area with incidents of racism and ties to the Irish drug gang, the Westies. 

5. Darndale 

Located in the North of Dublin, Darndale is home to many social housing facilities, some of which have become poorly maintained over time. 

While there are residents there that choose to eke out a decent living, there are also young and restless youth who choose to join gangs and create trouble for their neighbors and tourists who visit the area. 

6. Finglas

Finglas is located in the West of Dublin and is nicknamed ‘the Wild West’ for good reason. 

The area has generally developed a bad reputation among locals for its incidences of crime and drug abuse. 

Some bus routes have been changed to avoid driving around the area and I’ve also heard from some friends that taxi drivers will refuse to drive to the area too.

7. Jobstown 

Located within Tallaght, Jobstown arguably has one of the worst reputations when it comes to Dublin areas to avoid.

 Anti-social behavior, drugs, and crime is prominent in the area. 

Unless you live in the area or have any business to do there, locals will probably tell you to avoid the area at all costs. And for good reason too. 

8. Lucan 

Lucan is a quiet residential neighborhood, home to many young families and also surrounded by peaceful countryside. 

Yet quite a few Lucan residents cited feeling unsafe in their area due to the potential for crime and antisocial behavior. 

We say this could be quite a wildcard, but go with your gut feel on the place if you do book accommodation in the area. 

9. Pearse Street

Pearse Street is definitely an area to avoid in Dublin, notorious for its high crime rate.

Most people who live in Dublin will echo this, reminding you not to head there particularly after dark unless you want to risk being mugged. 

10. Sheriff Street 

Sheriff Street had a bad reputation in the 1980s for crime, poverty, and drug abuse.

In fact, most Irish people still balk at the idea of heading there to this day because it still faces a drug issue and is no stranger to being involved in gang wars

11. Tallaght 

And last but not least, Tallaght, located in South Dublin, is our absolute must-avoid area when we get asked by friends and family where they should or should not stay when in Dublin. 

On the surface, Tallaght looks like a great area to base yourself in if you’re going to visit other parts of Ireland like Cork, but the fact that it carries the stigma of danger from the 80s and 90s isn’t by chance. It is a busy, bustling suburb but it still has its dodgy areas.

Food delivery riders in the area have also marked this as an area to avoid when delivering food, so there could be some truth to its colorful history still. 

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Dublin’s Crime Rate

Dublin has a moderate level of crime at 52.39%, according to Numbeo.

The fact that it is a large and dense city means that it does see more crime than its quieter and more rural counterparts around the country. 

Dublin areas to avoid

Dublin Safety Tips

Now that you know which Dublin areas to avoid, here’s what you can do to stay safe while traveling around Dublin:

  • Keep your belongings to you at all times
  • Pay attention when taking public transport or walking along public roads 
  • Don’t use your phone when walking around the city 
  • Keep to well-lit areas as much as possible
  • Keep valuables hidden and out of plain sight 
  • Have luggage locks on your luggage or backpacks if you’re leaving them unattended at hostels or your hotel room 
  • Carry an anti-theft back-pack if you are carrying large amounts of money or bringing your laptop around
  • Use public transport or go with licensed taxis if you absolutely have to go through any of these unsafe areas
Dublin areas to avoid

Dublin Areas to Avoid – Best Places To Stay In Dublin

Some of the best places to stay in Dublin include:

  • Temple Bar – Close to a bustling nightlife district, The Westin Dublin is a great option in this area. 
  • St Stephen’s Green – You could stay at Dean Dublin for unparalleled convenience and safety.
  • Dublin City Center – Pamper yourself at the historic Riu Plaza The Gresham Dublin.
  • Ballsbridge – Safe, charming, and adorned in Victorian-style architecture, the Roxford Lodge is a perfect spot to base yourself in. 
Dublin areas to avoid

FAQs On Dublin Areas To Avoid

Is Dublin Safe For Tourists?

Yes, Dublin and Ireland as a whole are safe for tourists, whether you’re in a group or traveling solo. 

In fact, if you’re choosing to travel solo for the first time, Dublin and Ireland is the go-to first place to try solo traveling out.

Friendly locals are everywhere, English is the main language and there are a ton of things to do in Dublin to keep you occupied. 

It’ll be days before you run out of things to do! 

Is Ireland Safe?

Yes, Ireland is safe but you should always take the necessary steps to keep yourself safe from crime. 

Some sensible and easy tips to stay safe include:

  • Keep your belongings close to you at all times
  • Don’t leave your belongings unattended
  • Visit only brightly-lit areas and avoid going out at night unless you are accompanied 
  • Use luggage locks where possible for your backpacks and luggage 

Where To Avoid In Dublin?

Here are the top places to avoid in Dublin if you want to stay safe and out of trouble:

  • Ballymun
  • Blanchardstown
  • Cherry Orchard 
  • Clondalkin
  • Darndale 
  • Finglas
  • Jobstown 
  • Lucan 
  • Pearse Street
  • Sheriff Street 
  • Tallaght 

Where Is The Rough Area In Dublin?

Undoubtedly, Tallaght is the rough area in Dublin and is considered one of the roughest or most dangerous areas whether you’re a local or a tourist.

Food delivery drivers avoid the area like the plague if possible, and you should too unless you absolutely have to visit the area. 

Dublin areas to avoid

How Do I Not Look Like A Tourist In Dublin? 

To not look or sound like a tourist in Dublin, here are some sure-fire tips from myself, a local who can easily spot a tourist in Dublin at a glance:

  • Don’t just stay in Dublin, Ireland is so much more than just our capital city. Tour the countryside, and take a road trip! 
  • Don’t use Airbnb, it’s not regulated in Ireland. Stay in some of our beautiful historic Dublin hotels
  • Try driving – that’s what the locals do. Rent a car easily with these guys
  • Remember to drive on the left side of the road
  • Don’t turn up at attractions expecting to be let in – book ahead
  • Don’t get stung by a nettle – most people don’t know about them. If you’re heading out into nature, avoid them as much as possible.
  • Head out on a Temple Bar pub crawl or just hop into any pub in the area to experience true Irish pub culture
  • Learn Irish vocabulary – Know that the word ‘shout’ refers to a turn to buy drinks and not a sound you make and that the word ‘craic’ refers to a good time. 
  • Don’t be caught unprepared for the rain – it rains all the time in Ireland! 
  • Knock back a pint of Guinness when you get the chance to 
  • Understand that Ireland and Northern Ireland are two different countries, and brush up on some Irish facts before you go  
  • Fun fact: You might become part of a lock-in on a night out! It’s nothing scary – it happens when it’s time for pubs to close but yet nobody wants the night to end. The shutters go down, and the doors get locked but the party continues! 
Dublin areas to avoid

What Time Do Bars Shut In Dublin?

Usually, bars in Dublin shut at 11.30pm or 23:30 on weekdays, 12.30am or 00:30 on Fridays and Saturdays, and 11pm or 23:00 on Sundays. 

What Does The K Mean In Dublin?

The K refers to the busiest policing area in Ireland and Dublin and is collectively used to refer to these regions: Blanchardstown, Cabra, and Finglas. 

You might also encounter numbers when looking at Dublin addresses. 

These refer to postcodes in the city, for example, north of the city center is Dublin 1 and south of it is Dublin 2. The higher the number, the further it is from the city center. 

Now that you have a better understanding of Dublin places to avoid, I hope that helps you better plan your trip to my beautiful country.

Ireland has so much to offer and I’d hate for you to feel like it is unsafe just because of a few areas that can be a bit rough.

You’ll do fine as long as you stay in well-lit areas, take the path well-trodden and also listen to advice from locals (like myself!) on where you should head to.

If anything, I’ve lived more than thirty years in this country, and stayed safe and well, so rest assured that you’ll be fine too when you come here!

Still not convinced? We also wrote a whole other article on being safe in Dublin and Ireland to calm those jitters! 

If there’s anything you’re still unsure about or worried about in planning your Ireland visit, feel free to drop us an email or a comment with your concerns and we’ll try our best to address them!

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