Dublin Vs London: Which to Visit or Live?

Given its proximity, Dublin Vs London is a common thought that crops up whether you’re a traveler or someone looking to relocate to a new city.

We’re Ger and Aisha, and as a couple that’s recently decided to make Dublin our new home, we have to unanimously say – Dublin is hands down a better place to visit and live in!

But hey, we recognize that everyone is different, and while we may be (ahem) a little biased, we want to share with you a fair comparison of both cities so you can make your own decision if you’re also at this crossroads. 

In this article, we’ll introduce you to each city – Dublin and London, and also run through which city is better to visit and to live in. 

At a glance, here’s a quick comparison of both cities Dublin and London! 

Public TransportRanked 28th globally for accessibility with the subway, buses, trams, and taxisRanked 10th globally with a world-class tube, extensive bus network and overland railways, trams and taxis
Affordability Pricey but less expensive 
Cost of living for a single person is $1,120.20, without rent 
Similar but pricier than Dublin, and costs are rising
Cost of living is $1,221.30, without rent, for a single person
EducationPresence of top schools like Trinity College Dublin, a top university in EuropeHome to many prestigious universities, like Imperial College London, and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
SafetyGenerally safe with a moderate (57.99) crime rate and a slight presence of gangs in certain areas Slightly worrying with a high crime rate of 63.09, though this is not uncommon with busy cities
Food OptionsDecent variety but stronger focus on traditional Irish cuisine More variety of local and international cuisine 
Size Of City117.8km²1,572km²
Population1,270,1728.982 million 
Population Density 4,588 people per square kilometer5,701 people per square kilometer
Average Temperature Ranges from 38°F to 67°F and rarely goes below 30°F or above 72°FRanges from 39°F to 74°F and rarely goes below 30°F or above 84°F

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Dublin vs london

Dublin Vs London: Which To Live In?

Between Dublin and London, if you’re torn about which city to live in, Dublin provides a better quality of life when you look at Dublin compared to the city of London. 

For starters, in Mercer’s Quality of Life survey, Dublin ranks 33rd while London ranks 41st. 

Looking closer from an objective lens, it’s easy to see why Dublin comes out tops. 

Here are the different areas to consider when thinking about which city to live in when it comes to Dublin Vs London:

Cost Of Living

Dublin has a lower cost of living than London. 

According to source Numbeo, living in Dublin like a local will cost you about $1,110.20 without rent for one person, while living in London will cost you $1,221.30 without rent

While it may not seem like a big difference, there is a huge gap once you factor in the need to pay rent (whether it’s a studio or one-bedroom apartment) and overall consumer prices.

Rent in London is a staggering 11.3% higher than in Dublin, and overall consumer prices, including rent, are 5.4% higher in London than in Dublin. 

In this instance, Dublin comes out tops as who doesn’t want a lower overall cost of living for a relatively similar lifestyle?

Crime Rate 

If you’re looking to settle in a country, you’d want to live somewhere that is safe, relatively crime-free, and has a good amount of police.

While Dublin isn’t entirely crime-free, given its brush with gang violence and drug cartels like the Kinahan, it has a moderate crime rate of 57.99, while London’s crime rate holds high at 63.09

Arguably, London is a way bigger city than Dublin, and as with most urban cities such as New York, crime does happen. 

To this, we say the difference is negligible and you should be fine if you stick to generally safe areas in Dublin and London when looking for somewhere to rent. 


If you’re looking to live in either Dublin or London long-term, it is clear that London ranks above Dublin when it comes to public transport accessibility, though Dublin doesn’t do too poorly. 

London is in the top 10 worldwide when it comes to cities with the best public transport while Dublin is 28th on the same list. 

Dublin vs london

In comparison, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia where Aisha is from ranks 23rd

When it comes to the cost of buying a car to move around, however, it doesn’t differ very much between both Dublin and London. 

London Vs Dublin: Which To Visit?

If you’re thinking about which city to visit between Dublin and London for a trip, then we’d have to say both are equally as great!

In general, London is a lot bigger so there are a lot more attractions within the city, including culinary options. 

But Dublin is not without its charm. Its small-town and historic vibes are very inviting. 

The fact that there are not as many Dublin attractions (though we truly beg to differ because I mean, we have a whole blog detailing this city and country!) also means you’ll have time to explore each one more thoroughly! 

Dublin vs london

Tourist Attractions & Culinary Options 

Arguably, London has many more tourist attractions than Dublin. 

You’ve seen icons like Big Ben, Tower Bridge, and Buckingham Palace in travel blogs and publications worldwide. 

There are even Harry Potter tours that revisit some of its filming sites and places that inspired the author JK Rowling. 

Dublin vs london

Hungry? London has been voted the best food city in the world for several years. 

You can be sure there isn’t any shortage of good food options when visiting this city.

But if a smaller, more historic city is what you’re after, then you’ll also want to consider visiting Dublin for places like Dublin Castle, the National Gallery of Ireland, and even the quaint Temple Bar district.

And don’t even get us started on Irish food!

Dublin’s food options may seem pale in comparison to London’s vibrant food scene, but take a guided food walk through its cultural quarters and discover some of the yummiest and heartiest dishes you’ll ever have. 

Just tuck into a big bowl of Irish stew and you’ll see what we mean! 

Crime And Safety 

As a tourist visiting, you’ll undoubtedly be concerned about whether Dublin or London is safer for you.

While Numbeo does say that London has a high crime rate of 63.09 compared to Dublin’s 57.99, both cities are generally safe to travel in. 

However, don’t take your safety for granted regardless of wherever you’re going.

As with most big cities around the world, petty theft like pick-pocketing and theft is common. So watch out for your belongings and remember to keep them close to you when you travel! 

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Public Transportation

When it comes to public transport, we have to say, London wins hands down for this, compared to Dublin. 

London has a very well-connected underground and overground train system and an extensive network of bus routes. You even have trams and river buses to take you around! 

And the best part is that you can just use your Oyster card for everything, and even jump on a hop-on-hop-off bus easily! 

For Dublin, there’s the Dublin Area Rapid Transit (DART), very reliable and convenient for getting you from the north to the south or the other way, within Dublin. 

The city center is also very walkable given that it is flat and compact. 

Dublin vs london

If you want to travel out of Dublin, however, public transport isn’t as well-connected and you’d be better off renting a car to get around the rest of Ireland.

 They offer pick-ups at Dublin airport or anywhere convenient in the city center, really! 

Introduction To Dublin

Dublin is Ireland’s capital and also its biggest city. 

When you hear the term Dublin, most take it to refer to the city itself, but it also covers an area previously known as County Dublin.

Dublin houses more than 540,000 people, living over an area of 117.8 square kilometers.

Dublin vs london

While Dublin isn’t as popular as its other European cities counterparts like London, Paris, and Amsterdam, most people will know brands and names associated with the city.

One such brand name is the Guinness label, which is famous worldwide for its good beer. 

The other is Jameson Irish blended whiskey, which is also well-known for its floral, herbal, and citrusy notes. 

The Irish city sees about 6.6 million visitors a year!

Introduction To London

London is the capital city of the United Kingdom and it is one of the world’s oldest cities, with a robust history that extends almost two thousand years.

For a city that is that old, London still manages to stay vibrant, and cosmopolitan and is a melting pot of cultures. 

London is home to close to 9 million people, and more than 300 languages are spoken daily in this city.

You might not have visited the city before, but you probably have seen London attractions like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the Tower of London, and the London Eye, frequently in travel magazines or websites. 

Dublin vs london

PS: If you’re keen to know a fun fact about London as an ice-breaker to use at parties, the British Museum was the first public museum in the world. 

London is easily the most-visited city in the United Kingdom and sees more than 30 million visitors a year. 

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Dublin Vs London: A Quick Comparison 

FAQs On Dublin Vs London 

Is Dublin Or London Better For Food?

Both London and Dublin are great for foodies and they’re home to some of the best cuisines. 

But if you want to have some authentic European Irish cuisine, then Dublin’s your go-to!

Don’t know where to start? Why not go on a walking food tour in Dublin and also in London

You can even get great shots for social media while eating your heart out! 

Is London Or Dublin Better For Music?

Both cities are good destinations to find live music at. 

London attracts many famous musicians to perform in its world-class venues, while Dublin is also starting to gain its footing in this space with its venues like Dominion Theatre and the Roundhouse. 

You’ll also find that Irish pubs have some of the most vibrant live music evenings. Definitely check out an Irish pub or two if you’re ever in Dublin! 

TOP TIP- Go to O’Donoghue’s for authentic Irish trad or traditional music! 

Are Irish Salaries Higher Than UK?

No, Irish salaries are not higher than the UK. Irish minimum wage is €11.30 ($12.26) per hour while the UK minimum wage ranges from £5.28 ($6.53) to £10.42 ($12.88)

In general, Irish wages are lower and their taxes higher than the UK. 

Dublin vs london

Why Is Dublin More Expensive Than London?

Dublin could be more expensive to live in than London because of the strength of the Euro, which is used in Dublin, and the weaker pound sterling, which is used in London. 

Which Is The Most Expensive City In Europe?

Some of the most expensive cities in Europe include:

  • London, UK
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Zurich, Switzerland
  • Paris, France
  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • Helsinki, Finland 

Are Dublin And London In The Same Time Zone?

Yes, Dublin and London are in the same time zone, as are Ireland and the UK. In 1916, Ireland made the move to GMT to align with the UK. 

Both cities and countries change their time zones in the summer time to GMT+1

Is London Better Than Dublin?

London is better to live in than Dublin in the long run. London, as a bigger city, naturally has more business opportunities, and more chances to earn better wages, compared to Dublin. 

Is London Or Dublin More Expensive?

London is more expensive with the cost of living in Dublin about 8% lower than that of London’s. 

Is London Bigger Than Dublin?

Yes, London is bigger than Dublin. London is 1,572 square kilometers, with a population of close to 9 million people, while Dublin is 117.8 square kilometers, with a population of more than 1.2 million people. 

Is Dublin Or London Better?

Both Dublin and London have their merits. Dublin is generally cheaper to live in, is more relaxed, and has a lower crime rate while London has more attractions, culinary options, and a more robust transport network. 

Is Dublin Or London Safer?

Dublin is safer than London. London has a higher crime rate than London. For every 100,000 people, there are 730 assault cases in London and 90 assault cases in Dublin. 

Is Dublin And London In The Same Time Zone?

Yes, Dublin and London are in the same time zones. Both London and Dublin operate in UTC/GMT in winter time and UTC+1 or GMT+1 in summer months. 

Dublin vs london

Dublin Vs London will always be a perpetual question because of just how similar these cities are for those considering living or traveling there.

We know our article probably just scratched the surface of the differences between these two cities, but we hope it’s helped you better understand each city better.

Whether it’s Dublin or London, we’re sure you’ll find activities in each city that’ll be worth your time, money, and effort, and create lots of great memories in the meantime.

If you’re ever in Dublin and are looking for a place to stay or things to do, why not check out some of our Dublin guides, based on our own experiences?

Or just read this quirky article by Ger about Dublin facts to tell your friends!

Stay safe on your travels! 

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