9 Fun Coastal Tours Dublin (Affordable Too!)

Your trip to Dublin is incomplete without joining the coastal tours Dublin or coastal walks Dublin.

Trust me! My partner, Ger, and I have been around Dublin for many years, and we can confirm that Dublin has the best coastal towns and villages!

Coastal tours dublin

It does make sense since Ireland is surrounded by sea.

While you are there, you can consider enjoying the breathtaking cliff walks and exploring the hidden beaches (like what I did!).

So, I am here to let you enjoy Dublin coastal tours without any hustle and worry.

Plus, they are affordable!

It’s not easy to choose from many offered coastal tours Dublin, but here are the 9 best tours just for you!

1.Dublin Hiking Tour With Howth Adventures

2.Howth Coastal Half-Day Bus Tour From Dublin With Live Guide

3.Dublin Coastal Hidden Gem Trek And Drink With Local Guide And Dog

4.Dublin Coastal Hike With Howth Adventures

5.Dublin Howth Seafood, Craft Beer And More Food Tour With Local

6.Howth Walking Tours Dublin Coastal Experience Not To Be Missed

7.3-Day Cork, Blarney Castle, Ring of Kerry, And Cliffs Of Moher Rail Tour

8.Boat Trip From Dublin City To Dun Laoghaire

9.Dublin Bay Seal Kayaking Safari At Dalkey

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Coastal tours dublin

1. Dublin Hiking Tour With Howth Adventures

Why should you join this coastal tour?

If you are a hiking enthusiast, there is more reason to join this tour! 

Guided by experienced trekking guides who know every corner of Howth, you will get to see another side of Ireland, which visitors often miss. 

Dublin Hiking Tour With Howth Adventures is one of the half-day coastal walks Dublin that you can join in Ireland’s capital city.

It is adventurous and exciting as you will climb up the hill and experience an off-the-beaten-path coastal tour Dublin through ancient woodland, rustic trails, vistas, and hidden sea caves.

There are 5 stops that offer 5 different amazing views, including the view of Baily Lighthouse, Dublin Bay, and the Wicklow mountains. 

You may want to capture them all. So, always be prepared with your photography gear!

Don’t worry if you are unsure about the best photo angle. The trekking guides are there to help you as they are experts!

While hiking, you will not get bored as you will hike in a group of a maximum of 13 people – you can chat and have fun!

Furthermore, you will enjoy listening to the local histories and stories of Howth from the guides. Everything is in their pocket! 

The Dublin Hiking Tour With Howth Adventures includes:

  • Local guide
  • Live English-speaking guide

What past guests loved about the tour:

“This experience is best way to explore Howth if you’re traveling to Dublin. I’ll highly recommend everyone to go experience this. And dee was the most lovely guide one can hope for.”

– Akhil Goyal (read more reviews)
Coastal tours dublin

2. Howth Coastal Half-Day Bus Tour From Dublin With Live Guide

Why should you join this coastal tour?

This half-day coastal bus tour is for you who enjoy a large group tour!

Unlike other coastal tours Dublin, this tour focuses on the famous fishing village of Howth. 

Taking a half-day coastal bus tour along the Dublin coast while listening to your favorite songs will bring back memories of the field trip, right?

About the Dublin coast – its view will surely leave you in awe!

Besides the fishing village, this tour will bring you to Howth Summit, where you can enjoy a guided walk along the sea cliff with an incredible view. 

Coastal tours dublin

Sounds scary but exciting, right?

Then, you will also be given some time to enjoy the picturesque of the Howth Village. Taking photos is a must!

The Howth Coastal Half-Day Bus Tour From Dublin With Live Guide includes:

  • Wheelchair and stroller-accessible tour bus
  • Guided walking tour of the cliffs of Howth
  • Live English-speaking guide

What past guests loved about the tour:

“We really enjoyed our tour with Jerry. He explained the sights we were passing in a fun and engaging way. Greetings from Holland.”

– Renée B (read more reviews)

3. Dublin Coastal Hidden Gem Trek And Drink With Local Guide And Dog

Why should you join this coastal tour?

Wait a minute – have you joined any tours with a dog? Yup, a dog!

That is the uniqueness this tour can offer you, besides the 10 hidden gems of Howth – mostly only known to locals!

The local guide, Mark, and his adorable dog, Missy, are excellent guides! 

You will trek with them to the 10 picturesque spots, including the highlight ones, St. Mary’s Abbey, the Cliffs of Howth, and a centuries-old castle, only within 3 to 4 hours!

Mark is knowledgeable and can tell you about the histories of Howth and Ireland from 700 years ago. 

You can only listen to them during this tour, so take this opportunity to ask questions and chase your curiosity about Howth or Ireland away!

While enjoying the tour and history, you can also play around and take photos with Missy. They will turn out lovely!

One more thing, this coastal tour Dublin sure has its unique way to end it – enjoy a pint of local beer in a village pub. 

Drinking while sharing your journey stories surrounded by the authentic Irish atmosphere will help you regain energy and relax your leg muscles. 

The Dublin Coastal Hidden Gem Trek and Drink with Local Guide and Dog include:

  • Local guide and dog
  • Live English-speaking guide
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • A recording of your tour through Howth

What past guests loved about the tour:

“This hike was absolutely beautiful! If you have time to do just one activity in Dublin, I would recommend this hike hosted by Mark! Mark was very friendly and very knowledgeable about the area, as well as having the most adorable doggy partner Missy. If I come back to Dublin, I will definitely be doing this hike again. The views were amazing, and is a good way to explore the area!”

– Dave P (read more reviews)

4. Dublin Coastal Hike With Howth Adventures

Why should you join this coastal tour?

Hello, introverted people! This tour is for you!

With a maximum of only 10 people per tour, you will enjoy a coastal walk starting from the fishing village of Howth.

Besides exploring the coastal village, its pretty harbor, and local culture and stories, you will see Howth landmarks, such as Howth Castle and St. Mary’s Abbey.

This tour also requires you to climb to the top of Howth Head. 

It is worth your effort as you will be mesmerized by the panoramic view, which is the most beautiful in the world, as described by HG Wells.

A cliff walk is a must for any coastal tour Dublin.

So, you will go to the Cliff Path Loop to enjoy the cliff walk, plus the view of Howth Harbour, Ireland’s Eye, and Lambay Island, surrounded by nature and wildlife.

The Dublin Coastal Hike With Howth Adventures includes:

  • Live English-speaking guide
  • Entrance fee to Cliff Path Loop

What past guests loved about the tour:

“One would be hard-pressed to find a better way to spend a Dublin day than to head out and team up with Howth Adventures.

Equally challenging would be uncovering a more capable guide than Dee. Former educator and clearly a gifted hiker, herself, she brings equal parts active adventure, deep local knowledge and storytelling that brings centuries of excitement to the fore.

Hat’s off, to her companion guide, Lauren, for her ability to connect with the teens and 20’s on the tour bringing great balance to the overall group experience.

The Howth flora, fauna and topography…. Well, that just speaks for itself, now, doesn’t it?”

– Andy (read more reviews)

5. Dublin Howth Seafood, Craft Beer And More Food Tour With Local

Why should you join this coastal tour?

If you love to travel like locals and enjoy local cuisines like me, go for the Dublin Howth Seafood, Craft Beer And More Food Tour With Local!

This tour is different from other coastal tours Dublin as it offers a luxury tour focusing on the local foods and beer besides visiting the hidden gems of Howth. 

Booking for this tour means you will experience the Irish daily routines, especially in Howth, the historic fishing village. 

One of them is witnessing local fishermen unload their freshly caught seafood.

Then you get to enjoy the locally crafted beer 3 times and fresh seafood-based meals like Seafood Chowder and Howth’s Famous Locally Smoked Salmon and Fresh Guinness Soda Bread.

All seafood is freshly caught and cooked by the locals!

Just imagine the juicy, plump seafood flesh that makes my mouth watering.

What is more interesting about this tour is that you can enjoy it while listening to Norman and Viking, Gun Running events, and Howth histories from the experienced guide.

The Dublin Howth Seafood, Craft Beer And More Food Tour With Local includes:

  • Local guide
  • Live English-speaking guide
  • Local food tasting
  • 3-course freshly caught seafood lunch
  • Half pints or bottles of locally crafted beer
  • Video of the tour

What past guests loved about the tour:

“Mark was an awesome guide, visiting great pubs and local seafood spots. Howth is a must see town, and you won’t be disappointed with a tour from Mark. If you’re lucky he will bring his pup along too!”

– ashaleena3 (read more reviews)

6. Howth Walking Tours Dublin Coastal Experience Not To Be Missed

Why should you join this coastal tour?

Here is another small group half day tour Dublin for you!

If you love joining tours and getting close to the group members and guide – enough to have a comfortable conversation – then you must choose this tour.

Most of the past guests mentioned in the reviews how they love the guiding style of the guide, John. 

He can be a tour guide, photographer, storyteller, and comedian and cares about the group.

Since you are visiting the picturesque fishing village of Howth, then take the opportunity to ask John to capture your best photos as a group.

While enjoying one of the Dublin coastal walks with the coastal views and attractive harborside streets, the guide will also share the local histories and stories of the East Coast.

Then, the tour will also include the Howth Cliff walk as an addition to your Dublin coastal experiences. Of course, it comes with a package of storytelling about Howth’s tales of cultural heritage.

The Howth Walking Tours Dublin Coastal Experience Not To Be Missed includes:

  • Local guide
  • Live English-speaking guide

What past guests loved about the tour:

“Highly recommend a walking tour with John The Man. It was an unforgettable journey. John is truly one of a kind. He’s a great poet, story teller, tour guide, comedian, photographer and more! This was my first time visiting Ireland and honestly this walking tour has been my favorite thing so far. If you have the opportunity to take this tour, DO IT. The adventures that will unfold will create lifelong memories.”

– Jordan S (read more reviews)

7. 3-Day Cork, Blarney Castle, Ring of Kerry, And Cliffs Of Moher Rail Tour

Why should you join this coastal tour?

Cause you have more than 1 day to spend on the coastal tours Dublin!

This 3-day luxury tour offers a stress-free tour so you can easily travel – the organizer books everything.

Booking this tour also means you agree to an adventurous tour as you will travel by train along the coastline to Cork and Killarney.

Besides the train, you will be aboard luxury coaches to Blarney Castle, Cliffs of Moher, Ring of Kerry, and other historical locations, where you will learn about their histories from an experienced guide.

Then, you can use your leg muscles for a city walking tour in Cork and Limerick City.

If you are looking for comfort over budget, then choose this tour! 

Because why bother with all the hustles when you can just relax and enjoy the tour? 

The tour’s organizer will cover all entrance fees and accommodation, including 2 Irish breakfasts since you paid for them!

The 3-Day Cork, Blarney Castle, Ring of Kerry, And Cliffs Of Moher Rail Tour includes:

  • Live English-speaking guide
  • Reserved seats on trains
  • Host on trains
  • Modern luxury coaches with qualified driver (guide)
  • Information pack
  • 2 nights accommodation with Irish breakfast
  • Entrance fees – Blarney Castle and Gardens, Cliffs of Moher, and Bunratty Castle and Folk Park

What past guests loved about the tour:

“I had a great time traveling with our group and guide Brian in southern and western Ireland.

We went to so many places, beautiful Cork and Cobh, Blarney Castle, and the Cliffs of Moher, just to name a few.

I learned a lot about Irish history and even printed out my ancestry crest from county Tyrone. We stayed for 2 nights in a lovely hotel and had time on our own in the evenings to explore, have dinner, and listen to some traditional music.

Our guide was funny, warm, and very knowledgeable. There were lots of surprises along the way and I enjoyed every bit of it. I am grateful for my experience with Rail Tours Ireland and for Brian Dutton our guide.”

– Elizabeth H (read more reviews)

8. Boat Trip From Dublin City To Dun Laoghaire

Why should you join this coastal tour?

If you are traveling to Dublin between April and October, you should experience a luxury coastal tour Dublin in different ways but at an affordable price!

 Booking a 60 to 70-minute boat trip from Dublin City to Dun Laoghaire!

The cruising journey across Dublin Bay will allow you to see Dublin landmarks such as Dalkey Island, Poolbeg Lighthouse, and the wildlife reserve at Bull Island.

Why don’t you enjoy the moment by taking photos with the landmarks as a background? I am sure the cool breeze greets you will add a more natural effect to your photos! 

Then, you can upload them instantly to your social media using the FOC onboard Wi-Fi. 

Always stay connected with your community, wherever you are! 

Another way to enjoy the boat trip relaxedly is by grabbing a drink at a bar while cruising by Joyce’s Martello Tower, Baily Lighthouse, and the seaside town of Dun Laoghaire.

Once the trip has ended, you must take DART from Dun Laoghaire to return to Dublin City Center, the starting point.

For a cruise ticket holder, you can buy the train ticket at a discounted price. 

The Boat Trip From Dublin City To Dun Laoghaire includes:

  • Live English-speaking guide
  • Ferry ticket
  • Toilet onboard
  • WiFi onboard
  • Discounted DART trip between Dun Laoghaire and Dublin City Center

What past guests loved about the tour:

“My wife and I went on a 10-day trip to Ireland in December 2023. We had 4 days in Dublin, that were delightful. Then we were picked up by Ciaran Commins, who drove us to Galway, took us on a day-long excursion to the islands, and then on another day to the Cliffs of Mohr. After that, he drove us back to Dublin to catch our plane home. He was an outstanding driver, and a high point of the trip was talking to him about his life, his work, his family, and everything he was doing. It gave us a better sense of Ireland, and enhanced all that we did. We recommend him most highly.”

– Winkleam (read more reviews)

9. Dublin Bay Seal Kayaking Safari At Dalkey

Why should you join this coastal tour?

Book this tour if you enjoy kayaking so much and want to experience kayaking with wild seals at the UNESCO-listed Dublin Bay Biosphere Reserve.

The kayak tour will take you from Bullock Harbour along the Dalkey coastline. If the weather is good, you can even go kayaking to Dalkey Island!

When you are near Dalkey Island, the friendly Dalkey seals will start approaching your kayak and playing around it as you paddle past them. They are so close with you!

So, take photos or record videos of you and them for memories!

Additionally, you will enjoy the kayak tour with seals and be mesmerized by the stunning view of Dublin Bay – its dunes and picturesque beaches.

While on the water, take a moment to stop paddling, close your eyes, and take a breath to enjoy the sea breeze. 

Then open your eyes and look at the rare birds flying around and the harbor view. It is calming, and you will appreciate the moment!

The Dublin Bay Seal Kayaking Safari At Dalkey includes:

  • Live English-speaking guide
  • Wetsuit
  • Kayak equipment – kayak, paddle, and buoyancy aid

What past guests loved about the tour:

“Our Kayaking tour guide was awesome, he was so kind and all the rules were straightforward! He did an awesome job at guiding us and kept up with our pace- even when we slowed down. It was such an amazing experiencing seeing seals so close to us in their natural habitat, knowing they’re safe and protected but being able to be close to them was awesome. I really loved kayaking, there was so much history and passion being told from our kayaking guide- it made our vacation so much more fun & genuine. I hope to come back to Ireland soon!”

– Hadara P (read more reviews)

How To Get To Howth?

Since most of the Dublin coastal tours are around Howth and there is no pick-up service from the hotel to the meeting point (Howth), you must travel from Dublin to Howth by yourself.

How far is Howth from Dublin?

Howth is located about 17.6 km from Dublin, and you can get there by 4 transportation modes:


  • The best option, and I’ve used this!
  • You can take DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) from Dublin Connolly Station and stop at Howth Station for €3 – €6 (USD 3 – USD 6.50)
  • The journey takes about 26 minutes, with a frequency of every 15 minutes
  • You can board the earliest train as early as 07:43; the latest is at 23:49 (local time)


  • The cheapest option!
  • You can take a bus (Dublin Bus or Nitelink) from Busáras (Dublin bus station) to Main Street Howth (Howth bus stop) for €2 – €3 (USD 2 – USD 3)
  • The journey takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the departure time
  • Dublin Bus:
  • Bus number 6 and H3
  • Runs from 08:53 to 23:46 daily (local time)
  • Frequency: Every 15 minutes
  • Nitelink:
  • Bus number 31n
  • A late-night bus
  • Runs every Friday and Saturday between midnight and 04:00 (local time)


  • The fastest way that only takes 18 minutes!
  • You need to pay about €24 – €29 (USD 26 – USD 31)


  • More private
  • Only takes about 18 minutes
  • Fuel cost about €3 – €4 (USD 3 – USD 4)

*exclude tolls

FAQs On Coastal Tours Dublin

What To Pack For My Coastal Tours Dublin?

What you pack for your coastal tour Dublin is crucial to ensure you have a stress-free tour. So, make sure to come prepared by packing the items listed below:

Is There Any Free Coastal Tour In Dublin That I Can Join?

Yes, there are many free coastal tours in Dublin that you can join:

  • Only for females
  • You can find a female travel buddy or local host
  • To find a local host or travel buddy in the area (female/male)
  • Hangout with nearby travelers 
  • ‘Tipping’ concept
  • Some tours are chargeable

What Activities Can I Do During The Coastal Tour?

There are many activities you can do during the coastal tour:

  • Visiting the fishing village, local landmarks, and historical places
  • Learn about local histories
  • Enjoy locally crafted beer 
  • Enjoy fresh seafood

Different coastal tour operator offers different activities. Make sure to choose the tour based on your preferences to enjoy the activities to the fullest!

Is A Day Trip On a Coastal Tour Enough?

Yes, a day trip on a coastal tour is enough, and most tour operators offer half-day Dublin coastal tours with many exciting activities.

The most important part is choosing the Dublin coastal tour that offers activities that suit your preferences.

Alternatively, you may interested in joining private tours from Dublin to explore the Emerald Isle (Ireland).

When Is The Best Time to Visit Dublin?

The best time to visit Dublin has to be summer (June to August)!

The air is warmer, and daylight hours are longer. This means gardens, attractions, and parks will have longer opening hours.

So, you can enjoy festivals, a half-day Dublin coastal tour, and a picnic at green parks during summer in Dublin!

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