9 Halal Restaurants In Dublin-“Must Try” Places! [2024]

Are you wondering if Halal restaurants in Dublin are easy to find? YES, it is!

Besides visiting exciting places and finding comfortable accommodations in Dublin, I understand your concern as a Muslim traveler regarding Halal food in Dublin (because I’m a Muslim too! :)). 

I have been traveling to Dublin a few times since I migrated to Ireland, and as a food lover, I need more than soda bread!

Halal restaurants in dublin

Are you like me? Rest assured!

Muslims in Dublin have the highest Muslim population in the country compared to other cities like Cork, Limerick, and Galway.

So, at the end of this article, you will feel relaxed knowing that you won’t be starving in Dublin.

Halal restaurants in dublin

Halal restaurants in Dublin can satisfy your taste palate as they serve the best Halal worldwide cuisines, such as Lebanese, Pakistani, Indian, Moroccan, and Persian.

9 best Halal restaurants in Dublin:

1.The Grill House


3.Spice Village Indian Restaurant

4.Damascus Gate


6.Umi Falafel

7.Marrakesh By Mindo

8.PERIOS Ireland Limited


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Halal restaurants in dublin

1. The Grill House

Tripadvisor rating: 5/5

If you crave grilled dishes in Dublin, go to The Grill House!

Established in March 2017 by Makarem and his brother, they brought the original taste of Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisines to the Irish.

All the basic spices are imported from the Middle East for this purpose.

For the chicken, lamb, beef, vegetables, and seafood, only the best products are used, supplied by local suppliers.

Sitting in the restaurant with an Arabic interior plus an Arabic song while enjoying the Middle Eastern dishes makes you feel like you are in the Middle East, not Ireland!

Halal restaurants in dublin

You can also enjoy the wonderful view of Sword Castle from the restaurant.

This Halal Lebanese and Mediterranean restaurant serves various Middle Eastern brunch, lunch, and dinner.

You can start with various Mezza choices, continue with the grilled-based dishes, and close with baklava as dessert.

If you are a vegan or vegetarian, don’t worry. You can still enjoy the wonderful Arabic ambiance since this restaurant serves vegan and vegetarian menus. 

Not only did it receive 5 stars on Tripadvisor, but this Halal restaurant also received the Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice award for 3 consecutive years, from 2020 until 2022.

Furthermore, its excellent service has been recognized and received various awards from Tripadvisor and Restaurant Guru.

Undoubtedly, The Grill House is the best option for the Halal restaurants in Dublin!

Location: Unit 5, Castle Shopping Centre, Bridge St, Townparks, Swords, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Price range: €3 – €20 (USD 3 – USD 22)

Operating hours: 

  • Wednesday & Thursday (2.00 pm – 9.30 pm)
  • Friday & Saturday (2.00 pm – 10.30 pm)
  • Sunday & Bank Holiday (2.00 pm – 9.00 pm)
  • Monday & Tuesday (Closed)
Halal restaurants in dublin

2. Khushee

Tripadvisor rating: 5/5

Are you a Halal curry lover? Or maybe you are craving Indian food?

You can enjoy them in Khushee!

Khushee is a Hindu word meaning “happiness”, “pleasing”, or “delightful”. That’s what is portrayed by Khushee in their modern Indian cuisine.

Even though the presentation is modern, it still maintains its classic Indian taste in the dishes.

This Halal restaurant is located in Sandymount, an urban village in Dublin.

Offering various Indian menus, including vegetarian and vegan – perfect for your brunch, lunch, and dinner.

You can refer to the full menu of modern Indian cuisine here.

Location: 23-24 Sandymount Rd, Dublin 4, D04 X262, Ireland

Price range: €20 – €50 (USD 22 – USD 54)

Operating hours: 

  • Monday – Thursday (4.00 pm – 10.30 pm)
  • Friday (4.00 pm – 11.00 pm)
  • Saturday (1.00 pm – 11.00 pm)
  • Sunday & Bank Holiday (1.00 pm – 10.00 pm)
Halal restaurants in dublin

3. Spice Village Indian Restaurant

Tripadvisor rating: 5/5

Founded by Chef Joginder Singh from India, he intends to bring authentic Indian cuisine to Dublin, Ireland.

Even though this Halal restaurant only serves dinner, there are many Indian cuisine menus to choose from!

You can start with a starter. How about Seekh Kabab? 

Then go for the main course poultry. You can choose either chicken, lamb, or seafood. 

Wait! Why don’t you just order all 3 types? Marvellous!

For vegetarians, of course, there is something for you. Just choose your favorite from the main course vegetarian list, then enjoy!

You can also order rice and bread from its special menu, including Thai curry. Last but not least, try the Indian dessert.

All chickens and lambs are locally sourced. So the dishes are freshly prepared every day!

If you wish to hold a feast or event, Spice Village Indian Restaurant can cater to you. Just provide the details, and your problem is solved!

Location: 95 Terenure Rd N, Terenure, Dublin 6W, Co. Dublin, D6W FH24, Ireland

Price range: €15 – €30 (USD 16 – USD 33)

Operating hours: 

  • Monday – Saturday (4.00 pm – 11.00 pm)
  • Sunday & Bank Holiday (4.00 pm – 10.00 pm)
Halal restaurants in dublin

4.Damascus Gate

Tripadvisor rating: 4.5/5

Damascus Gate is a Syrian and Lebanese Halal restaurant that serves Lebanese, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisine.

You can enjoy many dishes for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Start with a Damascus starter, continue with Damascus main or grill, and finish your meal with Damascus dessert.

Forget you not, vegetarians and vegans! 

You can enjoy many vegetarian and vegan dishes here, cooked in Syrian, Lebanese, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern styles!

Besides the reasonable price, you will like the restaurant’s atmosphere as if you are traveling to Middle Eastern and the staff’s friendliness. 

It is worth every penny!

Location: 10 Camden Street Upper, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 2, D02 H304, Ireland

Price range: €5 – €22 (USD 5 – USD 24)

Operating hours:

  • Delivery: Monday – Sunday (12.00 pm – 11.00 pm)
  • Collection: Monday – Sunday (12.15 pm – 10.30 pm)
Halal restaurants in dublin

5. Kinara

Tripadvisor rating: 4.5/5

Kinara was founded by 2 friends, Sean Collender and Shoaib Yunus in 2001

You can find 3 Kinara restaurants in Dublin and go to the nearest one. 

One is in Clontarf, where you can enjoy spectacular views of Bull Island and Dollymount Strand from the restaurant.

This Halal restaurant serves various Indian and Pakistani menus for lunch, dinner, and late-night meals, even for vegetarians and vegans, in a relaxed atmosphere.

If you are wondering about the ingredients, the lamb, chicken, and beef are locally sourced from Ireland, and all are halal.

Are you planning an event or feast for more than 20 people? Do you want your guests to enjoy Indian and Pakistani cuisine? 

Wait no more! Contact Kinara at least 1 day before the event!

But remember! The restaurant is only open 5 days per week. So, make sure you check the opening hours before going there or ordering.

Location: 318 Clontarf Rd, Clontarf, Dublin 3, D03 HD91, Ireland

Price range: €34 – €82 (USD 37 – USD 89)

Operating hours: 

  • Wednesday (4.00 pm – 11.00 pm)
  • Thursday – Saturday (12.00 pm – 11.00 pm)
  • Sunday (1.00 pm – 10.00 pm)
  • Monday – Tuesday (Closed)

6. Umi Falafel

Tripadvisor rating: 4.5/5

Umi is an Arabic word that meaning of “my mother”.

Foods prepared by mothers are always with care, love, and filling. Those are shown, and you can feel them in every bite of food at Umi Falafel.

Good news to all vegetarian and vegan communities: the menu is 100% vegetarian!

This Halal restaurant was established in Ireland in 2013 and currently has 8 restaurants, of which there are 6 in Dublin.

Head to the nearest branch if you crave Lebanese or Palestinian falafel for brunch, lunch, or dinner. 

You will be satisfied with the taste as the foods, including sauce and pickles, are prepared daily using only fresh products from the market.

This restaurant also received several awards from Tripadvisor, including the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence (since 2014) and Traveler’s Choice (2020 and 2021).

Location: 13 Dame St, South City, Dublin, D02 HX67, Ireland

Price range: €5 – €25 (USD 5 – USD 27)

Operating hours: 

  • Sunday – Wednesday (12.00 pm – 9.00 pm)
  • Thursday – Saturday (12.00 pm – 11.00 pm)

7. Marrakesh By Mindo

Tripadvisor rating: 4.5/5

If you want to experience dining Moroccan foods in a modern Moroccan environment, then go to Marrakesh By Mindo!

The chef’s friends established this Halal restaurant in May 2018, so everyone, including you, vegetarian or vegan, can enjoy authentic Moroccan dinner here.

While here, why don’t you try Couscous, Pastilla, Tajine, Tanjia, and Harira? Then, you must complete your meal with the most popular drink here, green tea with mint. 

It is served in a Moroccan teapot with long and curved pouring spouts and poured using a certain technique.

Not only can you enjoy the food and immerse yourself in a modern Moroccan environment, but Marrakesh By Mindo is great for having fun and releasing stress from working all day.

Besides enjoying belly dancing and jazz shows while dining, you can book karaoke rooms for singing and dancing. 

The rooms are available daily from 4 pm to 12 am and are half-price from Sunday to Wednesday.

Location: 121-122 Capel St, North City, Dublin, D01 V3P0, Ireland

Price range: €5 – €28 (USD 5 – USD 30)

Operating hours: 

  • Monday – Thursday (4.00 pm – 10.00 pm)
  • Friday – Saturday (12.00 pm – 10.30 pm)
  • Sunday (12.00 pm – 10.00 pm)
Halal restaurants in dublin

8. PERIOS Ireland Limited

Tripadvisor rating: 4.5/5

As its name suggests, PERIOS Ireland Limited, or Perios Grill, offers perfectly spiced, smoked, roasted, and sizzling hot food!

You can get kebabs and Mexican and Portuguese foods for your lunch and dinner from this restaurant, either dine-in or delivery.

Not only are the foods good with a perfect blend of spices and taste and sold at reasonable prices, but the service here is also the best! 

Previous customers have mentioned this in their reviews.

The best service is why customers keep visiting the restaurant, even though it is a bit far from Dublin City center, about 13.2 km.

If you are craving grilled foods with a smoky aroma in Dublin, remember PERIOS Ireland Limited!

Location: 12a Belgard Square W, Tallaght, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Price range: €6 – €12 (USD 7 – USD 13)

Operating hours: 

  • Monday – Thursday (4.00 pm – 11.00 pm)
  • Friday – Sunday (1.00 pm – 12.00 am)
Halal restaurants in dublin

9. Zaytoon

Tripadvisor rating: 4/5

Welcome to Zaytoon, and welcome to the Modern Persian Kitchen! 

Zaytoon has been in Dublin since 2002 and was established by 2 best friends, Iranians,

This Halal restaurant offers the Irish and people worldwide a wide range of lunch, dinner, and late-night Persian cuisine.

Prepared using only the premium and fresh ingredients, it is a No-No to frozen ones. Irish locally supplies them; you can taste the freshness in every bite. Yummy!

Psst! Want to know the secrets of why you should enjoy the signature charcoal-grilled kebabs and other foods at Zaytoon without any guilt?

Besides being fresh, they are healthy and nutritionally balanced without ignoring the taste. Most of the foods are not fried except falafel.

Then, the packaging is fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly!

If you are a vegetarian or vegan, just scroll down the menu, and you can order from the many options. Just reading the description will make your mouth watery.

So, Noosh-e-jan! (enjoy your meal!)

Location: 15 Parliament St, Temple Bar, Dublin, D02 FW60, Ireland

Price range: €7 – €23 (USD 8 – USD 25)

Operating hours: 

  • Sunday – Thursday (12.00 pm – 12.00 am)
  • Friday – Saturday (12.00 pm – 4.30 am)

FAQs On Halal Restaurants In Dublin

What Is Halal Restaurant?

What is a Halal restaurant?

“Halal” means “permissible”. So, Halal restaurant serves only foods permissible to eat according to Islamic rules, called Halal foods.

While Muslims must eat Halal foods, non-Muslims can also dine at Halal restaurants, which are guaranteed to offer cleanliness and healthy foods.

The ingredients are harmless and obtained or prepared according to Islamic rules. So, pork, alcohol, or other non-Halal ingredients are prohibited in restaurants.

Halal restaurants in dublin

Tips For Finding Halal Restaurants In Dublin

Here are 5 tips for finding Halal restaurants in Dublin since not all claimed Halal restaurants Dublin are Halal. 

Make sure:

  • There is Halal Ireland certification and logo from a Halal-certifying organization
  • Foods are cooked using Halal ingredients 
  • The kitchen is in a clean and hygienic condition
  • The staffs have knowledge of Halal food preparation
  • Check reviews from previous customers on Google or Tripadvisor 
Halal restaurants in dublin

Are There Any Fancy Halal Restaurants Dublin?

Are you looking for any fancy Halal restaurants Dublin? You came to the right place!

I’ve listed 3 fancy Halal restaurants in Dublin City Centre just for you:

Where Can I Enjoy Halal Breakfast Dublin?

Are there places where you can enjoy Halal breakfast Dublin? Yes, there are! 

Here are some of them:

How Much Should I Spend On A 1-Day Halal Food In Ireland?

How much should you spend on a 1-day Halal food in Ireland? The budget differs according to your preferences.

You can expect to spend about: 

  • Breakfast: €3 – €15 (USD 3 – USD 16)
  • Lunch: €7 – €17 (USD 7 – USD 18)
  • Dinner: €9 – €25 (USD 10 – USD 27)
  • Total: €19 – €58 (USD 20 – USD 62)

Payment Methods At The Halal Restaurants

You don’t have to worry about the payment methods at the Halal restaurants.

Even though cash, Euro (€) is the king, credit cards, especially Visa and Mastercard, are accepted. Plus, you can pay with your debit cards as well.

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