17 Louth Wedding Venues For Your Dream Wedding! (2024)

Now that there’s a beautiful sparkly ring on your finger, are you in search of some gorgeous Louth wedding venues? 

Imagine sweeping landscapes, historic venues, and enchanting country homes nestled in this picturesque wee corner of Ireland. 

Now that’s EXACTLY the kind of place I want to get married in!

Fun fact! Ger and I got engaged on top of a Korean mountain in 2022, and we are planning our Irish wedding in 2024!

So, we’ve trawled and tested LOADS of wedding venues in Ireland, so you don’t have to stress out the way we did! Selecting a wedding venue is harder than I thought O_O

With all our intensive research done, we are going to share our curated guide to the crème de la crème of Louth’s wedding venues, each offering an unrivaled blend of charm, beauty, and romantic atmosphere. 

From the rustic allure of countryside manors to the grandeur of stately homes, Louth has something to delight every couple. 

We’ve searched for the best of the best to make your wedding planning a breeze!

Louth Wedding Venues

At A Glance: Louth Wedding Venues

Country House Louth Wedding Venues

1. Bellurgan Park

2. Ghan House

Castle Wedding Venues In Louth

3. Bellingham Castle

4. Darver Castle

Unique Bespoke Wedding Venues In Louth

5. Segrave Barns

6. The Old Mill

7. Carlingford Heritage Centre

Hotel Louth Wedding Venues

8. Carrickdale Hotel & Spa

9. Fairways Hotel

10. Ballymascanlon Hotel  

11. Four Seasons Carlingford

Wedding Venues Near Louth

12. Tankardstown House

13. Slane Castle

14. Rock Farm Slane

15. The Millhouse

16. Ballymagarvey Village

17. Boyne Hill House Estate

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Ireland wedding venues

Photos: Booking

Country House Louth Wedding Venues

1. Bellurgan Park

The Tipping family has owned Bellurgan Park since the 18th century.

The estate is at the foot of the Cooley Mountains, where you also get a glimpse of the gorgeous sea view. 

Pairing the magnificent scenery with the well-maintained grounds and the 18th-century architecture, Bellurgan Park is truly one of the most spectacular Louth wedding venues for you to have your wedding at.

Ireland wedding venues

Your wedding will be just as unique as Bellurgan Park, as its very own wedding coordinators will be delighted to accommodate your requests to create your perfect wedding. 

Website: Bellurgan Park

Ireland wedding venues

Photo: Tripadvisor 

2. Ghan House

If you are considering small wedding venues, Louth’s very own Ghan House may be just the place you need!

Ghan House is a family-run Georgian House, an hour’s drive from the Dublin Airport. 

You get a stunning view of the Mourne Mountains and Carlingford Lough, acting as a natural backdrop for your wedding. 

Even though it is in its 30th year of operation, newlyweds have raved about the excellent service and wedding venue provided by Ghan House.

Ireland wedding venues

Photo: Ghan House Website

You can host up to 54 guests for your civil ceremonies and wedding receptions here. If you plan to have more than 30 guests, an exclusive use of Ghan House is required. 

When you choose exclusive use of Ghan House, the whole place and its gardens are for you and your wedding guests to enjoy! 

Ghan House also has an 8-foot high stone wall around the property, which guarantees total privacy for you. 

You will be spoiled by their award-winning 2 AA Rosette restaurant team, who will prepare only the best food for your wedding.

Pair tasty food with a good dance floor, and your wedding will be a blast!

Prices For Exclusive Use:

  • Sunday to Thursday: €2,500 (USD 2,654)
  • Friday: €3,000 (USD 3,185)
  • Saturday: €4,000 (USD 4,246)

Website: Ghan House

Ireland wedding venues

Photos: Bellingham Castle Website

Castle Wedding Venues In Louth

3. Bellingham Castle

Have you dreamed of considering castles as wedding venues? County Louth will make your dream come true with its very own Bellingham Castle.

Bellingham Castle is set on the banks of the captivating River Glyde. The elegant 17th-century Irish castle is the centerpiece of the 17-acre estate. 

The place may be rich with history, but it is certainly not short of luxury and comfort. 

All bedrooms are tastefully designed, with a view of the gardens or the nearby church steeples. 

Bellingham Castle allows the option to have exclusive use during your wedding, which will enhance your wedding experience as you get absolute privacy while having fun with your guests!

Besides, Bellingham Castle also embodies the phrase “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”! 

Ireland wedding venues

Something Old – The castle is full of history yet does not skimp out on luxury, making it a favorite wedding spot in Ireland.

Something New – Every wedding held in Bellingham Castle is unique, and you get the full attention of the wedding coordinators to make your wedding a blast!

Something Borrowed – Here at Bellingham Castle, you will definitely feel like you “borrowed” their castle to invite your loved ones to celebrate a sacred union of you and your partner. 

Something Blue – There are many shades of blue found in their spectacular gardens – bluebells, lavender, delphiniums, and more! The gardens form a perfect backdrop for your wedding, that’s for sure!

Website: Bellingham Castle

Ireland wedding venues

Photos: Darver Castle Website

4. Darver Castle

Darver Castle is one of the wedding venues Co Louth has to offer that will stun you with its unique blend of elegance and history.

If you’re looking for a romantic setting to host the wedding of your dreams, Darver Castle is just the place for you.

The castle is available to be rented on an exclusive-use basis. This ensures unparalleled service and privacy as only 1 wedding is catered per day at Darver Castle.

The castle has a banquet hall called the Brabazon Hall, which will cater for weddings between 50 to 280 guests.

Ireland wedding venues

The stone-cut walls and beamed ceiling make for an elegant backdrop for your dining during your wedding. 

Darver Castle also offers a bridal parlor on site so you and your bridal party can get ready with less hassle and more laughter in the air! 

Darver Castle also offers accommodation for up to 100 wedding guests, so guests can fully immerse themselves in the Darver Castle experience too!

Website: Darver Castle

Ireland wedding venues

Photo: Segrave Barns Website

Unique Bespoke Wedding Venues In Louth

5. Segrave Barns

Looking for unique wedding venues? Wedding venues such as Segrave Barns might be just what you need. 

The unique surroundings, efficient staff, and cute llamas (yes, you read that right!) will bring your wedding to the next level.

To avoid disappointment, book your weddings at least 3 months in advance with Segrave Barns. 

Segrave Barns consists of 3 barns – Willow Barn, Holly Barn, and Ashtree Barn, which can host between 100 – 220 wedding guests. 

Holly Barn is used exclusively for indoor wedding ceremonies. It may have the charm of a rustic barn, but it has a fully integrated sound system that will light up your dance floor.

Willow Barn is ideal for wedding receptions, which can seat up to 220 guests. Meanwhile, next to Willow Barn is its own fully licensed quaint bar. 

Meanwhile, Ashtree Barn is where the pre-ceremony excitement happens!

Here is where makeup artists and hairdressers will do their magic while surrounded by photographers who will capture these memories for you.

If you feel nervous about planning your wedding, Segrave Barns will provide suggestions for you, ranging from photographers, videographers, live bands, and more. 

Another great part about Segrave Barns is Holly Barn and Willow Barn are suitable for the disabled and elderly guests as well.

Ashtree Barn does have a staircase, but a stairlift is available upon request. 

Website: Segrave Barns

Ireland wedding venues

Photo: The Old Mill

6. The Old Mill

Do you need more ideas for magical wedding venues? Louth will not disappoint you with its very own The Old Mill, dating all the way to the 14th century!

The Old Mill is full of character and charm, ready to cater to up to 100 guests.

You can rent the lower floors, which consist of the bar, kiln, and conservatory, and the upper floors. 

Imagine how romantic it would be to say “I do” with the sounds of the waterfall in the background.

You can host your drink reception outdoors if the weather permits.

Should the weather be unforgiving (Irish rain, am I right?), you can host the drink reception in The Old Mill Bar and Kiln. 

If you want a more funky option to spice up your day, Táin Taproom is just the thing for you.

This hidden little gem is located just behind The Old Mill, where its very own brewed beers will brighten up your wedding.  

Website: The Old Mill

7. Carlingford Heritage Centre

Carlingford Heritage Centre is one of the Louth wedding venues that you should highly consider on your list. 

The well-restored church located within the Carlingford Heritage Centre is now utilized as a space for weddings and civil marriage ceremonies.

It can be arranged to cater for your wedding, ranging from 6 to 150 guests.  

The charming medieval and Victorian-influenced interior creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for your wedding. 

As the venue overlooks a stunning view of the Carlingford Lough and Mourne Mountains, it is the perfect natural backdrop you never thought you needed for your wedding photos!

Website: Carlingford Heritage Centre

Ireland wedding venues

Photo: Carrickdale Hotel & Spa Website

Hotel Louth Wedding Venues

8. Carrickdale Hotel & Spa

Perhaps you are looking for hotels that double as places to stay and as wedding venues? Louth, Ireland, presents to you Carrickdale Hotel & Spa

Whether you’re looking to host a wedding of up to 400 guests or just an intimate celebration among the closest ones, Carrickdale Hotel & Spa will be happy to adhere to your requirements. 

Fancy a garden wedding? Beautiful wedding memories can be made in the manicured garden here at the hotel. 

A winter wonderland wedding? Your wish is their command, where you get a fairytale picturesque wedding venue just for you! 

Website: Carrickdale Hotel & Spa

Ireland wedding venues

Photo: Fairways Hotel Website

9. Fairways Hotel

Say “Yes, I do” to one of the most stylish Louth wedding venues – Fairways Hotel!

Whether you desire an extravagant occasion or an intimate event for your closest ones, Fairways Hotel is ready to cater to them all, ranging from 50 to 250 guests.  #YourWeddingYourWay! 

Depending on your tastes, the hotel offers a courtyard garden option and its sparkling banquet room with stunning floor-to-ceiling windows.

Whatever your decision will be, you will be celebrating your magical day in style!

There are several wedding packages available for you to pick from, though it’s fun to note that every wedding package includes a red carpet to welcome the newlyweds!

If you’re going to be married, might as well arrive in style, am I right?

Website: Fairways Hotel

Ireland wedding venues

Photos: Ballymascanlon Hotel Website

10. Ballymascanlon Hotel 

Ballymascanlon Hotel (the locals fondly call it Ballymac) is another one of the most stunning Louth wedding venues for you to consider.

It is no surprise that it has been a favorite wedding spot for over 70 years due to its romantic setting.

The grand Victorian architecture and tasteful interior? 130 acres of parkland surrounded by forests and mountain ranges? I’m sold!

The hotel can cater from 80 to 700 wedding guests in its Garden Room, which has a panoramic view of the highly-awarded Wall Rose Garden.

Ireland wedding venues

There are even designated areas for your arrival reception and photographs! 

If you’re having trouble narrowing down your wedding arrangements, the hotel has its wedding experts who will gladly help make your wedding a smooth sailing journey. 

Website: Ballymascanlon Hotel

Ireland wedding venues

Photos: Four Seasons Carlingford

11. Four Seasons Carlingford

When you arrive at Four Seasons Carlingford, you probably don’t ever want to leave! 

The award-winning luxurious hotel is complemented by the Carlingford Lough, Cooley Mountains, and Mourne Mountains.

You will never want to tear your eyes away from the magnificent scenery.

The stunning natural backdrop of the mountains, sea, and nearby castles will set you up for the best wedding photos you could have ever hoped for!

Ireland wedding venues

You can choose to say “Yes, I do” in the magnificent landscaped gardens or in its unique wedding suite that overlooks the mountains and the sea. 

As the hotel has a “one wedding per day” policy, you will get unparalleled attention from the wedding team.

You’ll receive a champagne reception upon arrival, not forgetting a red carpet for you to arrive in glamor and style!

Website: Four Seasons Carlingford

Ireland wedding venues

Photos: Tankardstown House Website

Wedding Venues Near Louth

12. Tankardstown House

If you are looking for wedding venues near Louth, County Meath presents you with a country house wedding venue called Tankardstown House!

Tankardstown House simply exudes luxury and elegance at one glance. Its tree-lined driveway is famously used for bride and groom portraits. 

The place is also known for its impeccable food and staff service, which will elevate your wedding experience.

The staff also caters to vegetarian and vegan weddings if that is your preference. This is really wonderful as one of my sisters is a vegetarian! 

If you’re interested in hosting an indoor wedding ceremony, Tankardstown House’s very own Orangery can host up to 250 guests, which suits your summer or winter wedding. 

If the weather permits, you can also host an outdoor wedding ceremony in its charming Walled Garden surrounded by lush greenery and flowers. 

Ireland wedding venues

Should you prefer to get married in a church and host your reception at Tankardstown House, there are a few churches within a 15 to 20-minute driving distance. 

Something really cool about Tankardstown House is it is a dog-friendly wedding venue in County Meath, where you can bring your dogs to stay at designated dog-friendly cottage suites.

If you are looking to plan a destination wedding, you are in luck!

You will be assigned a wedding coordinator who will ensure your wedding day will run like clockwork, no matter where you are in the world. 

Website: Tankardstown House

Ireland wedding venues

Photo: Slane Castle Website

13. Slane Castle

I’ve got 3 R’s for you – Romance, Royalty, and Rock! Hear me out.

Slane Castle is a 35-minute drive away from the Dublin airport.

The place is rich with rock history, where legends such as The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, and Bob Dylan used to rock it out here at Slane Castle!

Fun fact: U2 filmed its video for Pride (In the Name of Love) here! 

Looking for Instagram-worthy spots? Slane Castle has tons of them, ranging from Gothic arches to extensive gardens. You’ll be spoiled for choice!

Slane Castle is also perfect for weddings at any time of the year. You can enjoy an outdoor reception in its gardens during spring or summer. 

If you fancy an autumn or winter wedding, you can enjoy a romantic indoor reception with hundreds of candles. Trust me, you will feel like a royal living in a fairytale!

Website: Slane Castle

14. Rock Farm Slane

Want to say “Yes, I do” surrounded by nature and your loved ones? The lush meadows and greenery will captivate you as you lay eyes on Rock Farm Slane. 

Rock Farm Slane (no rock legends performed here, sorry!) is a 150-acre farm next to River Boyne, opposite Slane Castle.

It is a gold-certified Ecotourism Ireland destination, which also provides guest and bridal accommodation. 

If you desire a more laid-back wedding celebration, Rock Farm Slane offers a buffet-style menu.

Alternatively, there is a festival catering called Slane Food Circle, which includes a salad bar, meat grill, ice creams, and fresh, locally sourced produce. 

In the past, many couples have made the most out of a combination of indoor and outdoor areas.

They would host an outdoor ceremony in the Glamping site or stretch tent, followed by utilizing the Hay Barn for dinner and dancing. 

Website: Rock Farm Slane

Ireland wedding venues

Photo: The Millhouse Facebook

15. The Millhouse

Are you torn between the location of your wedding venues? Louth? Meath? Dublin?

Fret not. Let me tell you about this stunning Georgian house located in County Meath called The Millhouse

A blend of modern design and old-world charm will result in an elegant wedding venue that will tug at your heartstrings!

You can choose to get married in the riverside garden, the Orchard, or the Mill ceremony room.

From the moment you confirm your booking, you will receive a directory from The Millhouse detailing its recommendations for entertainment, photographers, and cakes.

You will have plenty of wedding information at the tip of your fingers. 

The Coach House Dressing Room is available on your wedding day for you to calm your nerves as you get ready for your big day.

If you wish, you can organize a pre-wedding or Champagne breakfast for your family here.

Your wedding banquet will be at the Pavillion, which seats up to 200 guests.

Whether it’s the light-filled mirrored room in the day or the fairy light canopy at night, you and your guests will never forget this magical day. 

Website: The Millhouse

Ireland wedding venues

Photo: Ballymagarvey Village Website

16. Ballymagarvey Village

Ballymagarvey Village’s charm and natural backdrops are a delight for wedding photographers to snap to their heart’s content. 

The 18th-century Manor House and its old round tower are set within a courtyard. 

Over the years, the old flax mill village has been restored as charming wedding spaces for large and intimate celebrations of up to 170 guests. 

The grounds and walled gardens are next to the forests of County Meath, which provides a relaxed atmosphere away from the city for you to celebrate your big day. 

With the efficient service and gourmet food provided in the banquet hall, you will definitely feel like the Lord and Lady of the Manor at your wedding. 

If you wish to prolong your wedding celebrations, you can opt for a rehearsal dinner package for two families to spend time together a night before the wedding.

There is also an option to host an informal BBQ the day after the wedding. 

Keep in mind that the two options above are only available on certain dates of the year hence you will need to speak to the wedding coordinators for more information.

Website: Ballymagarvey Village

Ireland wedding venues

Photo: Boyne Hill House Estate Website

17. Boyne Hill House Estate

Boyne Hill House Estate is located in the countryside in County Meath, a 35-minute drive from Dublin.

The magnificent grounds and gorgeous Manor House are bound to take your breath away. 

The glamorous Manor House is where you calm your nerves and get ready in style. 

From the Manor House, there is a “secret tunnel” decorated with fairy lights and flowers, which will lead you to the Conservatory for your wedding ceremony. 

If you thought that sounded like a fairytale, wait until you hear about the Secret Garden!

It features a lovely waterfall, an orchard, and a bridge, which form the perfect backdrop for your wedding photographs. 

The banqueting suite can seat up to 170 guests. However, a minimum number of guests is required, depending on the time of the week and year. 

January, February, March, October, November, and early December: 

  • Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday: Minimum 40 guests (Intimate Weddings) 
  • Thursday and Sunday: Minimum 80 guests
  • Friday and Saturday: Minimum 100 guests

April, May, June, July, August, September, and the second half of December:

  • Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday: Minimum 40 guests (Intimate Weddings) 
  • Thursday and Sunday: Minimum 100 guests
  • Friday and Saturday: Minimum 120 guests

Website: Boyne Hill House Estate

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FAQs On Louth Wedding Venues

How Do I Find The Perfect Wedding Location?

I have some tips to help you find the perfect wedding location! It is so important to book your ideal wedding venue in advance as it sets the tone for your whole wedding. 

First things first, discuss your wedding budget! It is crucial for you to narrow down to a list of potential venues that you wish to visit. 

Another factor to consider is the number of guests you wish to invite to your wedding. You can’t cram 300 guests in a location meant for 80 guests. That would be a disaster!

Think about the wedding theme you’re looking for as well. A rustic wedding would not be suitable to be in a glamorous hotel ballroom. 

Don’t forget to speak to your wedding planner! Your wedding planner will help you bring your ideas to life while evaluating which venues will fit your needs and budget best. 

How Can I Make The Most Of My Wedding?

I have a few ways for you to make the most of your wedding! 

1. Break In Your Shoes Before The Wedding

If you rarely (or never) wear heels, you should break in your shoes before the wedding. It helps you get used to walking around in heels, as you’ll be doing plenty of walking during your wedding. 

Wear your heels every day for several weeks before your wedding. Start with 20 minutes and gradually increase the time until you are comfortable wearing heels for several hours.

2. Customize A Wedding Playlist

While it sounds fun to create a wedding playlist just for the two of you, it is also important for your guests to have fun! 

The best part is you can start taking song requests before your wedding starts. 

Ask everyone to send in one or two favorite songs and include the songs in your wedding playlist to keep the party alive all night!

3. Provide Options For Your Guests

Some guests love partying it up at weddings all night, but not everyone wants to. 

As you leave space in the middle for guests to dance to their heart’s content, provide some seating options for older guests and those who want to rest their feet without leaving your wedding. 

4. Gift Usable Or Unique Wedding Favors To Your Guests

You want to provide unforgettable (or usable) wedding favors to your guests instead of disposing of them the moment they get home, right?

Some examples of wedding favors you could gift are small jars of candies (everyone loves those!), cute bottle openers, and funny drink coasters.

5. Spend Time With Your Guests

It sounds obvious to you, but sometimes we might overlook the simplest things – spending time with the people we love the most. 

Take the time to spend time with everyone, whether by visiting every table or dancing up a storm on the floor together. 

How To Find Your Wedding Aesthetic?

To find your wedding aesthetic, make a list of your shared favorite things. After all, a wedding is a union of two beautiful souls. You both would want to enjoy this momentous occasion together! 

Consider the time of the year that you wish to get married. Winter weddings might be great for you if you wish to get married during the off-peak season in Ireland. But you might want to consider an indoor venue during the winter.

Finally, think about the weddings you’ve attended in the past. Which elements did you enjoy and would love to incorporate in your wedding? Perhaps those cute little door gifts that your cousin Julie gave out? 

Don’t get frustrated if you find it difficult to narrow down to a particular wedding aesthetic. It will take some time, but trust yourself and your partner to get through the wedding planning phase. After all, no one said wedding planning was easy!

How Do I Know What Wedding Theme I Want?

You must be thinking, how do I know what wedding theme I want? I don’t even know what I want for dinner tomorrow!

Take a deep breath and ask yourself. What represents you and your partner? Perhaps both of you love Star Wars? Or do you two share the same favorite color? 

Consider your shared interests and elements you could incorporate into your wedding theme. Pinterest is an excellent source of inspiration for you and your partner to explore. 

What Is A Timeless Wedding Theme?

A timeless wedding theme is a style that incorporates details that will stand the test of time.

For instance, you can never go wrong with a black-and-white theme. These neutral colors are a great starting point for a timeless wedding. 

Also, don’t forget to ask your photographer for some black-and-white photos! The elegance and sophistication of black-and-white photos might surprise you. 

Another timeless element would be using white flowers and lush greenery. These colors won’t overwhelm your wedding and, best of all, are classic and neutral, which adds to the elegance. 

What Wedding Photos Do I Want?

Are you wondering to yourself, what wedding photos do I want my photographer to capture? 

Well, I present to you 8 wedding ceremony photo ideas that will capture the very essence of what a wedding is – love and joy. 

1. Pre-ceremony photos might seem insignificant, but you really shouldn’t miss out on these! You want to look back on this moment and relive the excitement of getting dressed in your finest attire before saying, “Yes, I Do!”

2. The bride and groom solo portraits, of course! You want to document the moment both of you are ready and at your freshest – no sweat and running makeup. 

3. If you are up for it, the first look shots between the bride and groom would be super cute!

4. Formal wedding photos are so lovely and dreamy. But there is something about candid photos that are so natural and joyful. 

5. My loved ones mean the world to me, and I know I want to commemorate the moments they arrive at my wedding. I want to look back and relive the moments of gathering with my loved ones to celebrate this momentous occasion.

6. The walk down the aisle is something you will remember forever. In fact, you won’t get to see this moment unless someone takes a photo!

7. The moment when you two exchange vows and rings is not to be missed out! It’s the dreamy and magical moment that some might shed a tear (or two) over. 

8. Your first kiss as newlyweds! Need I say more?

So, there you have it, our very best selection of Louth wedding venues. 

From historical gems like Bellingham Castle to idyllic country homes, Louth’s charms are truly unforgettable. 

By now, you should feel the pull of this Irish region’s unique allure – its rolling hills, the beauty of the Boyne Valley, and its warm hospitality. 

Armed with this guide, you’re all set to choose your perfect venue and say ‘I do’ in a place steeped in romance and history.

So, go ahead and let Louth be the backdrop for your love story. After all, there’s no setting quite like it.

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