Is There Uber In Ireland? How To Get Around Ireland in 2023!

Are you going on a trip to Ireland and asking yourself – is there uber in Ireland? In my article, I will answer all your questions on Uber in Ireland and other options for getting around the country. 

If you will be traveling to Ireland soon and you’re wondering whether uber is available in Ireland, this article will take you through all you need to know about Uber in Ireland and why it isn’t the go to transportation option in Ireland.

Make sure you read all the way to the end as I will also include other ways to get around the country.

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7 Essential Items To Pack For Ireland

1. Thermal sets are a must-have when traveling to Ireland, as the weather can get too cold, especially during winter.

2. Ireland is known for its year-round unpredictable rainy weather, so packing an umbrella and a raincoat is a must to keep you dry throughout your trip.

3. Merino wool sweaters are also a great option to keep you warm during winter months. They’re very breathable and they are perfect for layering.

4. A scarf is a great addition to protect you against heavy wind. And it looks super chic and stylish.

5.  Packing along a puffer jacket is an essential item to your packing list for extra warmth. You can never be too warm in Ireland. 

6. Packing a universal travel adapter will come in handy, as the plugs in Ireland might differ from other countries. 

7. If you will be on the road a lot or walking around the city, having a portable charger will keep all your devices charged while on the go.

is there uber in ireland

Is There Uber In Ireland?

If you’re wondering whether there is Uber in Ireland, the answer to this question is not very straightforward. 

Yes, the app is available in Ireland. BUT unfortunately, it is only available in a few select cities like Dublin, Limerick, and most recently, Cork.

Uber is not permitted to operate as a private vehicle-sharing service in Ireland, including other European countries like Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Netherlands, Finlands and Denmark.

However, the Uber app functions differently, unlike in other countries. Two types of services will be available when using the Uber app in Dublin: Uber Taxi and Uber Black.

Uber Taxi is a traditional and affordable yellow cab service partnered with Ireland’s local taxis with cashless payments.

The Base fare for Uber Taxi is €3.80 ($4.18), with a minimum fare of €4.00 ($4.40) that charges €0.26 ($0.29) per minute and €1.18 ($1.30) per KM, with additional costs of €4.00 ($4.40) for cancellations. 

As for Uber Black, it is a premium transfer method with high-end cars and top-rated drivers that is much more expensive than Uber Taxi. The cars are also more spacious with more legroom. 

The base fare for Uber Black during pick-up is €8.64 ($9.50), with its minimum fare being €18.00 ($19.79), which charges €0.65 ($0.71) per minute and €1.50 ($1.65) per KM, with additional costs of €8.00 ($8.80) for cancellations.

If you were to take Uber from Dublin airport to the city center, it would cost you around €45.31 ($49.82) with a taxi and €43.46 ($47.79) with Uber Black.

If you are using the Uber app in Ireland, keep in mind that they don’t accept cash and only use credit cards, debit cards and PayPal payments.

is there uber in ireland

1. Is There Uber Or Lyft In Ireland?

No, there is no Lyft in Ireland. For the same reasons as Uber, Lyft is not permitted to operate in Ireland as a ride-sharing app and Uber is only being used to hire taxis or limousines.

The usage of ride-sharing apps in Ireland, like Uber and Lyft, is very limited, as drivers are not allowed to operate without holding a taxi license. 

Compared to other countries, where anyone has the opportunity to become an Uber or Lyft driver.

2. Why Is Uber Not In Ireland?

Taxis are known to be heavily regulated in Ireland as a way to protect consumers. 

The National Transport Authority (NTA) of Ireland enforced strict regulations. It made it illegal for ride-sharing apps to operate, as it would affect the regulated taxi sectors and cause unfair competition.

Part of these regulations that Uber failed to meet is that private drivers must hold a taxi license and taxi insurance to be able to offer rides for pay. 

For this reason, there are very few taxi drivers registered with the Uber app, which makes it not a commonly used form of transportation in Ireland and much harder for Uber to enter the Irish market. 

But there’s nothing to worry about as a traveler. 

Despite the ban and limited usage of Uber and other ride-sharing apps in Ireland, plenty of taxis are available in cities, with over 10,000 licensed taxis registered in Dublin alone.

There are also other alternatives to Uber and Lyft, such as FREE NOW, Bolt and Lynk that I will elaborate more on below.

is there uber in ireland

Uber Alternatives In Ireland

If you’re someone who prefers using ride-sharing apps, then there are a few popular and reliable taxi apps available for you, like FREE NOW and Lynk, that are frequently used across Ireland.

These Irish taxi apps are just as cost-effective and offer almost the same convenience as other apps like Uber.

FREE NOW Ireland

FREE NOW (formerly known as MyTaxi) is a ride-sharing service with licensed taxi drivers that is most commonly used in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Waterford and Galway. 

The app allows you to request taxis by simply entering your pick-up and drop-off location with the choice of cashless payments using PayPal, credit or debit cards. 

You will also be able to review the taxi riders with their estimated price before requesting the ride. The FREE NOW app uses the local taxi meter system for its rates, so your estimated price will change depending on the routes taken.

There may also be additional costs when booking special taxis or when heading to the airport. But in most cases, the prices are much lower than other traditional taxis. 

What I love about the FREE NOW app is how inclusive it is, as they offer wheelchair-accessible taxis for those who need assistance. 

You can also request special taxis like vans if you travel in groups or an eco-friendly taxi option if you wish to have an environmentally friendly travel option.

If you’re someone who likes to plan ahead, the app also gives you the option of pre-scheduling your car ride for up to 4 days in advance.

Lynk Taxi

Lynk is another popular taxi app in Ireland with over 2,500 professional drivers. You can easily book taxi cars through their app or website in just a few clicks.

The Lynk taxi drivers have a reputation for being super friendly and polite. Their cars are also very clean and tidy. 

Apart from regular taxi bookings, the app offers many services, such as airport taxi pick-ups and drop-offs, with a meet-and-greet service and business travel transportation assistance.

The company also has a range of different vehicle types to choose from, such as saloons, vans or executive transfers.

The app accepts different forms of payments, including cards, cash and through Apple or Google Pay. But carry around some cash just in case.

What I love about Lynk is that they’re very safe and reliable, as it is their top priority to ensure their customers’ safety by providing them with highly professional and licensed drivers only!

Another great feature the Lynk website has is the fare estimator, where you get an estimated price of your trip beforehand depending on your routes, traffic, number of passengers and the date and time. 

This feature is super helpful as it will allow you to pre-plan and budget your trip accordingly, as some taxi fares might be unpredictable depending on the routes taken. 

They also offer a 24/7 taxi service availability, so you can book a taxi at any time you wish or pre-schedule a taxi for later. But be aware that some days it might take up to an hour to find a cab. 

Bolt Taxi

Bolt Taxi is an all-inclusive ride-hailing app that is popular in Dublin. You can use the app to request rides anywhere in Dublin City sustainably with affordable rates.

The app also offers airport transport services by booking the ride in advance, with three different vehicle types:

  • Bolt – for a fast and convenient ride service
  • XL – a 6-seater car for large groups and extra luggage
  • Assist – for wheel-chair accessible cars
is there uber in ireland

How Do You Get Around Ireland Without Uber?

There are many ways to get around Ireland without using Uber or other ride-hailing apps. From public transportation to renting a car or hiring a private driver, you have plenty of choices.

is there uber in ireland

1. Public Transportation In Ireland

Using public transportation in Ireland is the best way if you will be traveling within big cities and you don’t want to rent a car.

Public transport in Ireland might not be the easiest or have the best infrastructure, but it is very convenient in big cities and will save you lots of money.

If you want to travel around Dublin city, there are several transportation methods like buses, the Dublin Area Rapid Transit (DART) which is a light-rail system and the LUAS (tram).

When using public transportation in Ireland, you first need a visitor’s Leap card.

It is a prepaid card allowing unlimited travel on Dublin Bus, the DART, LUAS, Go-Ahead Ireland Bus and Airlink Bus. 

You can buy the card for 1 day at €8.00 ($8.72), 3 days €16.00 ($17.45) or 7 days €32.00 ($34.89). 

The card will give you lots of discounts for up to 30% on most transportation methods and is a much more secure payment option.

The Leap card can be purchased online or at Dublin airport and city center. You can also top-up the card at any leap card Payzone outlet available in over 650 locations around Ireland.

Buses are the most commonly used mode of transportation in Ireland. 

The Dublin Bus is considered one of the cheapest transportation methods in Dublin, with plenty of bus routes around the city.

They mainly operate starting from the city center near O’Connell Street and travel as far as the outer suburbs. You can tell where the bus is going by looking at the bus number and destination on the front window.

They can usually be found at traditional bus stops with markers resembling big blue or green lollipops with double or single-decker fleets. 

The buses run every 30 minutes, displaying their schedules and journeys on boards at bus stops or online.

The bus fares are heavily dependent on the distance traveled and traffic. Most bus journeys cost around €3 ($3.27) and could go as high as €5 ($5.47) for longer trips. 

You can either pay in coins at the driver’s ticket machine or use your Leap card.

But make sure you have the exact amount in coins, as they don’t allow change.

You can also use a Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour if you will be in Dublin for a short period of time and want to explore more of the city within 24-48 hours.  

Another transportation method is the Dublin Area Rapid Transit (DART), which is a light-rail system that is much faster but more expensive than buses in Dublin. 

The DART runs along the Irish coast and can go as far as Greystones in County Wicklow. We loved using the DART service as it allowed us to see the beautiful coastal sides of Dublin and other towns and villages across Ireland.

However, the journey might not be as comfortable since the trains are in older models. 

The DART operates every 10-15 minutes all day from 6 am to midnight. And on Sundays from 9:30 am to 11 pm.

Tickets can be purchased at the station from ticket machines or use your Leap card, which is 21-32% cheaper than when paying with cash. 

The prices when using the DART depend on the distance. An adult ticket will cost €3.30 ($3.60) and €6.25 ($6.81) for a return trip on the same day. 

You can also purchase an all-day ticket for €12 ($13.08), a 3-day ticket for €17.50 ($19.08) and a 7-day pass for €29.50 ($32.16).

The LUAS is another great option to travel in Dublin. The LUAS tram connects Dublin’s suburban areas to the city center. 

The tram system runs through two lines: the green line connecting the south side to the north (starts at Brides Glen to Broombridge) and the red line connecting the north and west (from Saggart and Tallaght to The Point in Dublin Docklands).

The LUAS operates from 5:30 am to 12:30 am Monday-Friday, 6:30 am to 12:30 am on Saturdays and 7 am to 11:30 pm on Sundays. 

The tickets can be purchased from vending machines at every LUAS stop or pay with your Leap card. 

The cost of LUAS tickets will depend on the distance and the number of zones you cross. A single adult’s ticket costs €1.70 ($1.85) for one zone, €2.20 ($2.40) for two zones, €2.50 ($2.73) for 3-4 zones and €2.60 ($2.83) for 5-8 zones. 

Return tickets start from €3.00 ($3.27) to €4.40 ($4.80), depending on the zones. 

Be aware that public transportation in Dublin stops operating at 11:30 pm on weekdays and 12:30 am on weekends. There are also special operating hours on public holidays like Christmas and New Year.

is there uber in ireland

2. Car Rentals In Ireland

If you’ll stay in Ireland for some time, renting a car is your best option to freely get around the country. 

Being able to drive yourself around will allow you to get outside the busy cities of Ireland and visit its beautiful rural areas. However, to be able to drive and rent a car in Ireland, you need to be at least 25 years old.

There are plenty of international and local car rental companies that operate in Ireland. 

I personally recommend renting from a popular rental platform like, where you can compare rental prices across different car suppliers in Ireland, like Herts and Avis, for the best competitive deals possible.

What I love about renting from is their price transparency with no hidden fees, as they display all the extra costs associated with renting a car, such as taxes, additional drives or equipment and cross-border fees.

Their booking process is super easy and fast in just a few clicks on their website. The website will provide you with all the necessary information to assist with your rental process in Ireland. has a wide range of cars for you to choose from in different sizes. From compact cars to vans and station wagons, you can find a car to cater to your needs.

They also provide insurance coverage included with the quoted price, with the option of adding extra insurance for peace of mind when traveling.  

When renting your car with, you must provide your passport, flight ticket, a valid driver’s license held for at least 2 years and credit card. You will need an International Driving Permit (IDP) If your license is not in English.

Renting a car in Ireland with will cost you an average of €60  ($65.74) per day, excluding insurance and deposit. The price varies depending on the size of the car, its transmission type, the car provider and the booking month.

If you decide to rent a car as your main transportation, check out my guide on renting a car in Ireland to help you with the renting process and things to be aware of, like driving on the left and on narrow roads.

is there uber in ireland

3. Taxis In Ireland

There are thousands of taxis registered in Ireland, especially in Dublin. Taxis are considered one of the main and best ways to get around the city, as they’re super safe and reliable.

What sucks about public transportation in Dublin is that they stop running in the evening after midnight, making them less convenient if you want to stay out late. 

Therefore, taxis are a viable option to get around the city, as they operate 24 hrs a day. 

Two types of taxis are available in Ireland: a regular licensed taxi and a hackney cab. The difference is that traditional taxis can be hailed on the street while hackney cabs must be pre-booked through the phone or their office.

Regular taxis can be spotted by their yellow taxi sign on the car’s roof, while hackney cabs are unmarked, usually black and mainly operate within rural communities.

The best way to find taxis is to hail them down the road or by taxi ranks located across the city of Dublin. If the sign is lit, that means the taxi is available. 

Taxis use a meter to calculate fares, while hackney cabs have a fixed price list agreed on before the journey. Traveling in groups with a taxi is much cheaper than alone, as you get to share the ride fare.

When hailing a taxi in Dublin, the approximate cost for a 30-minute journey to the city center will average between €25 ($27.49) and €30 ($32.99)

You will initially be charged around €4.20 ($4.62) for the first 0.5km (0.31 mph). And you will be charged for the next 14.5 km (9 mph) at €1.30 ($1.43) per km or €0.46 ($0.51) per minute. 

The maximum you will be charged is around €23.20 ($25.51).

After 14.5 km (9 mph) or 42 minutes, you will be charged up to €1.65 ($1.81) per km or €0.58 ($0.64) per minute.

It would be best if you kept that in mind whenever using a taxi in Ireland. You can visit the citizen information website to  learn more about taxi rates.

Other things to be aware of are increased fares on public holidays, weekends, or special holidays like Christmas and New Year.

Additional charges to look out for:

  • Booking by phone – will cost €2 ($2.20) when booking cabs through a company or phone number.
  • Waiting time – standard price per one minute €0.36 ($0.40) and €0.48 ($0.53) for Sundays and public holidays.  
  • Additional passengers€1 ($1.10) for additional passengers when traveling in a group, especially during peak hours.
is there uber in ireland

4. Hiring A Private Driver

If you don’t know how to drive or would rather have a comfortable and personalized traveling experience, hiring a private driver is the way to go. 

Plenty of private driver companies in Ireland  offer many services, from airport pickup to countrywide tours

It might not be the most cost-effective way to travel around Ireland, but it is a good choice if you have extra cash to spend for a hassle-free journey, especially if you will be traveling in groups or with family.

When searching for a private driver in Ireland, make sure the driver has an SPSV license with a national tour guide badge for peace of mind when traveling. You can use the Tfi Driver Check App to check for the license. 

The costs of hiring a private driver will depend on the number of people, the type of vehicle you choose, the number of days and the time of the year. 

But the average cost to hire a private transport vehicle for 4 people will cost around $96.49 or more.

is there uber in ireland

What Is The Best Way To Get Around In Ireland?

Deciding on the best transportation method in Ireland will depend on your needs, where you will stay and your budget. 

I recommend renting a car from and driving around Ireland, especially if you will be traveling to the Irish suburbs. 

The transportation system outside of Dublin is not great compared to the city. So by renting a car outside of big cities, you will get to freely explore more of the country at a much more affordable cost. 

However, If you will be staying in Dublin or other major cities in Ireland, then using public transportation, like the DART or the Irish train, is your best option to get around, as it is much more affordable and practical than driving in the city. 

If you’re looking for the best way to get from the airport to Dublin’s city center, using the Dublin bus is your cheapest and best option, as there are plenty of buses right outside the airport.

Dublin is also a walkable city, with its famous landmarks being within walking distance of one another. So you won’t have to travel further away.

But remember to pack raincoats and umbrellas, as it rains a lot in Ireland.

If you want an easy yet adventurous and cost-effective way of getting around Dublin, you can rent bikes and cycle around the city.

You can do this by signing up for Dublin Bikes service and renting a bike for as low as €3.5 ($3.85) for a 1-day ticket, €5 ($5.50) for 3 days and €35 ($38.48) for an annual subscription. 

However, this service is only recommended for those who know their way around Dublin, as it can be dangerous to drive around parts of the city that you’re unfamiliar with.

is there uber in ireland

All about Taxis In Ireland

With taxis being widely available in Ireland, there are plenty of things to know and be aware of before using taxis in Ireland, such as safety tips and where to find taxis around the city. 

Researching taxis in Ireland beforehand will help you avoid getting scammed or being charged unnecessary costs during your ride.

1. Are Taxis In Ireland Safe?

Yes, Taxis in Ireland are generally safe, as all taxis in Ireland are heavily regulated by licensed drivers. They’re also a much safer travel option than driving, cycling, or walking alone at night.

Taxis are one of the main modes of transportation, especially in Dublin city, and they’re widely available across the country. 

But it is always important to take extra precautions when traveling, like ensuring the taxi has a ‘Taxi’ sign on the top of the car. You can also ask your hotel reception or airport desk for reliable taxi services they recommend. 

Also, use popular taxi apps with highly-rated drivers like FREE NOW, Lynk, Bettertaxi, or Bolt, and share your trip with friends or family members, especially if you’re still out late at night.

It is best to pre-book your taxi to get some time to review the driver you will be connected to instead of randomly stopping a taxi on the street. 

When getting into the taxi cab, always check that the meter is working with your current fare and that the driver has their license displayed on the dashboard with their full name, photo and registration number visible.

Tip- download the Tfi Driver Check App to check if the vehicle you’re hiring is registered and has the appropriate license to operate.

2. Do Taxis In Ireland Take Cash?

Yes, Taxis in Ireland do take cash. They also accept other forms of payment, such as credit and debit cards using Visa, Mastercard or American Express. 

If you will be using taxi apps like FREE NOW and Lynk, you will have more payment options such as using Paypal, Google or Apple Pay.

3. Do You Tip Taxis In Ireland?

Tipping taxis in Ireland is not essential, as taxi drivers won’t expect a tip from you. 

But it is appreciated to do so, especially if the driver has been very friendly, given you valuable tips to get around, or assisted you if you had luggage to carry.

If you’re on a tight budget, you don’t need to give tips, as most taxi fares can already be too costly or have additional surcharges, especially if you weren’t satisfied with the driver’s behavior.

But If you’re not tight on budget or have extra cash with you, and you choose to tip your taxi driver, you can maybe round up your bill to the nearest 5 10 ($5.50 – $11) or a 10% tip.

If you will be using taxi apps, they might have the option to add tips to your total fare. 

is there uber in ireland

4. Are Taxis Expensive In Dublin?

Taxis are generally affordable in Ireland, but we found they were more expensive than public transportation, especially in big cities like Dublin, due to high insurance and taxi license costs.

Other factors that affect taxi rates are the time of the day, traffic, public holiday, distance and the number of passengers. 

The average cost of taxis in Dublin will cost you between €15 – €25 ($16.49 – $27.49) for a journey around Dublin’s city center. 

The costs also depend on the type of taxis, as some taxis, like hackney cabs, use fixed rates while regular taxis use a taximeter to calculate their fees.

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5. How Do I Catch A Taxi In Dublin?

There are plenty of taxis roaming around the city of Dublin, so it will be very easy to spot one anywhere. 

Generally, taxis in Dublin can be spotted at taxi ranks where taxis are parked and queued up. There are around 79 taxi ranks in Dublin, mainly in the city center on O’Connell Street and they operate 24 hours a day.

Other locations in Dublin where you can find taxi ranks are Merrion Row and Dame Street.

You can just walk up to the first taxi queue and signal the driver that you want to hire them. 

On some days, like late Friday or Saturday nights, you might have to wait at the taxi rank for the taxi to come eventually.

Another way is to stand on the left hand of the street, stick your hand out on the road and hail any taxi that passes by if they have their taxi sign light on. 

If you are staying in a hotel, you can ask the front desk if they’re partnered with reliable taxi companies to arrange a ride for you. 

You can also book a taxi from various taxi apps like FREE NOW or call a taxi company to arrange a pickup with hackney cabs, especially if you’re trying to get to the airport. 

is there uber in ireland

6. How Much Is A Taxi From Dublin Airport To Dublin City?

The cost of hiring a taxi in Ireland from Dublin Airport to Dublin City will depend on your location and the distance of your journey. 

Other factors affecting the cost are special holidays, the type of taxi and the demand during rush hours. 

The drive from Dublin’s airport to the city center is about 30-45 minutes long, depending on the traffic. Taxis are mostly found at the exit halls of terminals 1 & 2, with taxi ranks located outside the airport lobby.

The minimum fare of a trip from Dublin Airport to the city is between €25 ($27.27) – €40 ($43.63) depending on the day you’re riding, whether on a weekend or public holiday.

However, we found that the best way to travel from the airport to Dublin’s city center is through the 700-Aircoach bus service, which operates 24 hours every 15-30 minutes.

An adult ticket costs €6 ($6.55) and €10 ($10.91) for a return ticket. While a child ticket costs €7 ($7.64) and €10 ($10.91) for a return ticket. The bus departs from Terminals 1 and 2 and makes several stops at most major hotels in Dublin.

The journey might take a little longer than when using a taxi, but you will save plenty of cash using the Aircoach bus service.

If you have extra money to spend, then you can use a private airport transfer service to any location you choose. 

FAQs On Uber In Ireland

Is There Uber In Dublin Ireland?

Yes, there is Uber in Dublin. However, the app does not allow private vehicles to be used for Uber. Instead, you can book taxis and limousines through the Uber app. 

Is There Uber In Northern Ireland?

Yes, there is Uber in Northern Ireland. The app is available for a pickup from Belfast Airport, where you can get comfortable transportation service to any city with licensed taxis instead of private vehicles.  

Is There Uber In Cork Ireland?

Yes, there is Uber in Cork, Ireland. The app was launched in November 2022 in Cork, where you can only book taxi drivers who have a full taxi license. 

Is There Uber In Galway Ireland?

Yes, there is Uber in Galway, Ireland. Galway is the third city in Ireland that launched the Uber app outside of Dublin, where you can order a licensed taxi or a limousine driver.

Is There Uber In Limerick Ireland?

Yes, there is Uber in Limerick Ireland. On October 26, 2022, Limerick became the first city that Uber launched the app in. The Uber app will allow the customers to select their destination and know the price beforehand with the option of paying online. 

Is There Uber In Shannon Ireland?

Yes, there is Uber in Shannon Ireland. However, the app functions differently in Ireland as it does in other countries. When you use the app in Ireland, you can only hire taxi drivers or limousines instead of private vehicles. 

Are There Uber In Ireland?

Technically Yes, there are Ubers in Ireland in cities like Dublin and Cork. However, unlike Ubers around the world, the app only allows customers to book taxis or limousines as opposed to other countries where you can hire a private car. 

Are There Ubers In Dublin Ireland? 

Yes, there are Ubers in Dublin, Ireland. The Uber app allows you to reserve a taxi or a limousine in Dublin for up to 30 days in advance. 

Are There Ubers In Cork Ireland?

Yes there are Ubers in Cork Ireland. The app can only be used to book licensed taxi drivers and limousines to travel around the city. The app will also allow the riders to track their own ride and share it with their contacts.

Is Uber Legal In Ireland?

Yes, Uber is legal in Ireland. However, you can only use the app to hire a regular taxi or a limousine instead of a private vehicle.

Why Is There No Uber In Ireland?

Wondering why is there no Uber in Ireland, the NTA does not permit Uber to operate in Ireland as a private vehicle hiring service due to license regulations. But instead, it allows customers to book taxis or limousines through the Uber app. 

Is There Uber Eats In Ireland?

Yes, there is Uber Eats in Ireland. The app can have your food delivered right outside your doorsteps from any of your favorite restaurants in Dublin. 

Researching and asking the right questions before traveling to Ireland or any country is important. Having all the information you need about the country will significantly improve your travel experience. 

If you’re traveling to Ireland anytime soon and wondering, is there Uber in Ireland? This article contains all the information you need to plan your Ireland trip and assist you in finding the right transportation method to get around the country.

Let me know in the comments below if this article helped answer all your questions and if you have more tips to share. 

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