31 Alpaca Walks Ireland For Kids And Adults! [2023]

Looking for all the best alpaca walks Ireland has to offer?

Irelands’ countryside has so much to offer and everyone knows hiking is a good way to explore the rugged landscape.

 However, if you’re looking for a more unique experience check out these amazing alpaca walks Ireland has.

Ger and I love exploring the Irish countryside by walking, driving or cycling, but one of the most memorable adventures we had was when we walked alpacas through the beautiful rugged landscape of Ireland.

If you want to find out more about alpaca walks in Ireland and the best places to do it then keep reading!

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Alpaca walks ireland
Alpaca walks ireland

What Is An Alpaca Walk?

An alpaca walk is when you visit an alpaca farm and lead an alpaca along a walking trail. 

Alpacas are very gentle animals and will easily follow you when they are on a lead.

 The walking trail usually takes you through fields, hills and wooded areas in the Irish countryside. 

This is a great way to experience the landscape of Ireland in a unique way.

Can You Take An Alpaca For A Walk In Ireland?

Yes, alpaca walks and alpaca trekking is becoming a very popular activity in Ireland. 

It is a unique experience for tourists and an interesting date idea as well. It is a great way of seeing Irish farms as well as exploring the Irish countryside.

Why Take An Alpaca For A Walk In Ireland?

Taking an alpaca for a walk in Ireland is one of the most unique ways to explore the Irish countryside.

 You get to immerse yourself in nature with an alpaca as your companion. 

They are very gentle animals and will happily follow your lead as you explore.

Where Can You See Alpacas In Ireland?

You can see alpacas in almost every county in Ireland. 

The majority of alpaca farms Ireland has to offer are located in the South West, North West and also around Dublin. 

Most alpaca farms were originally farms that consisted of more traditional animals such as sheep and chickens but alpacas are becoming more popular.

Alpaca walks ireland

What To Wear For Alpaca Walks In Ireland? 

Suitable Footwear: Alpaca walks take you through fields, hills, wooded areas and uneven trails so it is very important to wear adequate footwear.

Hiking boots or comfortable walking shoes would be the best option in most cases.

These hiking boots are super comfy!

Alpaca walks ireland

Rain Jacket: When exploring Ireland it is always a good idea to be prepared for the rain. It rains a lot in Ireland so you will probably need to wear a rain jacket or poncho during an alpaca walk.

I like this poncho because it is lightweight, waterproof and can easily fit in a backpack! 

Alpaca walks ireland

What To Bring?

It is a good idea to bring a backpack on your alpaca walk to carry your belongings. If you get lucky and it’s a nice day when you go on an alpaca walk, you can put your rain jacket in the backpack.

We recommend this backpack because it can be used for travel as it has space for a laptop and has some safety features too!

Alpaca walks ireland

Some alpaca walks can be more strenuous than others so you should bring a bottle of water and small snacks just like you would when going on a hike.

Finally, you should bring your phone or camera to take some snaps of your alpaca walking experience. 

Alpaca walks ireland

Best Alpaca Walks In The South-West, Ireland:

Waterfall Alpaca Farm

Waterfall Alpaca Farm is located near Cork. 

This farm also has many other animals such as donkeys, hens and rabbits. 

The alpaca walk takes about 40 minutes and it takes you along a trail that runs past fields and forestry under a beautiful oak tree canopy and finally past an amazing waterfall.

Price: $30 per person

The Flying Alpaca

The Flying Alpaca is located in the Loop Head peninsula in the west of county Clare. This Alpaca Farm offers different experiences at different price points.

Alpaca Meet and Greet Experience: Head into the field with the alpacas where you can pet them, give them some food and even take selfies with them. This experience lasts about 30 minutes.

Price: $10 per person over 12, $5 for children between 2 and 12, free for children under 2.

Alpaca Walk: Take an alpaca by the lead and stroll around the farm. This experience is not offered to children under 8 years old. This is an easy walk and takes about one hour.

Price: $18 per person over 12, $12.50 for children between 8 and 12.

The Full Alpaca Experience: You will be greeted by the owners Barbara and Mike, along with their dog, Yuki. You will be given an introduction to the world of alpacas. You can hang out with the alpacas and take them for a walk around the farm.

You will also have the opportunity to learn about alpaca wool and how it is hand worked to create different products.

Price: $25 per person over 12, $15 for children between 2 and 12.

The Naked Sheep

The Naked Sheep Alpaca Farm is located near Tousist in county Kerry. 

You get an introduction to alpacas, how they ended up in Ireland, how to handle them and much more.

You get to meet the alpacas and are then assigned one to take on the walk. This alpaca walk takes you through a forest beside the farm. After the walk, you can learn more about alpaca wool and how it is worked.

Price: $42 per person.

Alpaca Walk West Cork

Alpaca Walk West Cork is located near Union Hall in West Cork between Skibbereen and Clonakilty. There are different Alpaca experiences to choose from.

Walk to the Beach: This is a scenic coastal walk guided by the owner, Benjamin. Along the alpaca walk you will come across other farm animals such as sheep, horses and hens. 

This experience takes about 2 hours and an alpaca wool workshop is also included.

Price: $38 per person/alpaca, $19 per accompanying person, $12 per accompanying child.

Afternoon Stroll: Take a stroll along the coast while leading an alpaca. You can feed, pet and take photos with the alpacas. This experience takes about 1 hour

Price: $28 per person/alpaca, $15 per accompanying person, $12 per accompanying child. $55 for a family with one alpaca.

Meet and Greet: Stroll around the farm where you can pet, feed and take photos with alpacas. 

Price: $18 per person/alpaca, $7 per child/teenager. Free for children under 3.

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Alpaca walks ireland

Best Alpaca Walks in the North West of Ireland:

Atlantic Way Alpaca Farm

The Atlantic Way Alpaca Farm offers the experience of a gentle stroll around the farm with an alpaca. 

You can pet and feed the alpacas and you will also get to see other farm animals such as pigs, ducks and chickens. This experience takes about 2 hours.

Price: $25 per person.

Gáinne Mór Alpacas

Gáinne Mór Alpacas Farm is situated in Sheephaven Bay, Downings, county Donegal. There are different alpaca experiences to choose from here. 

The location of this farm and walking trail offers amazing views of Donegal’s landscape from Horn Head to the Muckish Mountains.

Alpaca Walk Experience: Take a stroll near the beautiful seaside village of Downings as you lead an alpaca along the trail. Immerse yourself in the Irish countryside while you get to know the individual personalities of the alpacas.

Price: $25 per person. 

Alpaca Meet and Greet: This is the perfect way to learn about alpacas and see how they all have different personalities. You get to feed them, pet them and take pictures with them. It is a really immersive experience suitable for all ages.

Price: $15 per person, $7.50 for 2 to 17 year olds, free for under 2s. $40 for a family (2 adults, 2 children).

Wild Alpaca Way

If you want to go walking with alpacas Donegal has some great options. Wild Alpaca Way is an alpaca farm located near Malin Head, in the Inishowen Peninsula of county Donegal. 

There are three scheduled walks per day at 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm and you can choose whichever one suits your Donegal adventure. 

This experience takes about an hour and offers amazing views of the local landscape.

Price: $20 per person, $45 for a family ticket (2 adults and up to 3 children under 14), group ticket $150 (up to 8 people).

Curraghduff Alpaca Farm

Curraghduff Alpaca Farm is located in Oughterard in County Galway and offers stunning views of Lough Corrib, Connemara and the surrounding mountains. The farm offers different experiences at different price points.

Alpaca Walk and Farm Tour: This is an easy 2-hour stroll along a walking trail. You get to lead an alpaca along the trail while enjoying the views of the local area.

Price: $30 per person

Alpaca Meet and Greet: You will be introduced to the alpacas and will get the opportunity to pet them and take pictures. You will also get to see other animals such as pygmy goats. You can also participate in an Alpaca Fact Finding Trail and stroll around the fairy walk.

Price: $15 per person, $12 for 2 to 16-year-olds, free for under 2s.

Alpaca Yoga: Participate in a yoga class in a field with the alpacas. This is a unique way to enjoy the outdoors and unwind. 

Price: $38 per person

Knockvicar Alpacas

Knockvicar Alpacas is a farm located in county Roscommon. This alpaca farm gives you the opportunity to spend time in nature with some fluffy alpacas. The alpaca trekking experience at Knockvicar Alpacas takes about 1.5 hours.

Price: $45 per person

Wild Atlantic Alpacas

Wild Atlantic Alpacas is located in the southwest of Donegal. It is a small alpaca farm giving you a more immersive experience with the alpacas. 

You can feed, pet and chill out with the alpacas.

 There are also alpaca walks on Saturdays at 10 am or 12 pm.

Price: $15 per person

Mountain View Alpacas

If you want to go alpaca walking Ireland has si many great options. Mountain View Alpacas is a small alpaca farm in county Mayo in the West of Ireland. This alpaca farm offers alpaca walks along with products hand-made from alpaca wool.

Price: Contact Mountain View Alpacas on Facebook for prices.

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Alpaca walks ireland

Best Alpaca Walks Near Dublin:

Long Acre Alpacas

If you want to go alpaca walking Dublin is not the best place to do that. However, there are some great alpaca walks just outside Dublin such as Long Acre Alpacas which is located in county Louth. 

The farm has four alpacas and provides alpaca trekking in small groups. 

You get to meet, feed and pet the alpacas then trek through Ardee bog with an alpaca by your side. 

The walk takes about 40 minutes but the whole experience takes about 2 hours.

Price: Contact Long Acre Alpacas for prices.

Hilltop Farm Alpacas

Hilltop Farm Alpacas is located in County Offaly, about a 1.5-hour drive from Dublin. The farm lets you chill out with the alpacas and take photos.

 There is also a 40-minute alpaca trek through the countryside with some refreshments afterwards.

Price: Contact Hilltop Farm Alpacas for prices.

K2 Alpacas

If you’re looking for alpaca trekking Wicklow, K2 Alpacas is the best option. It is located in county Wicklow about an hour’s drive from Dublin.

For trekking or walking alpacas Wicklow is a great option. You get to explore Ireland’s countryside with beautiful coastlines and stunning parks and mountains. K2 Alpacas is in a great location for alpaca trekking and offers many different services.

Alpaca and Prosecco Trek: This Wicklow alpaca walk is a 2-hour trek through the Wicklow countryside and afterwards you will get to drink some prosecco.

 This trekking experience is offered every Saturday and Sunday at 10 am and 2 pm.

Price: $38 per person

Kids Alpaca Experience: This 45-minute session is perfect for young kids as you can chill out in the paddock with the alpacas and there are picnic tables to eat at as well. You can also feed and pet the alpacas.

Price: $15 per person, $7.50 for children from 2 to 17 years. Kids under 2 go free.

Check out K2 Alpacas website for more information on their services for weddings and special occasions.

Cornstown House

Cornstown House is located in Ashbourne, county Meath. 

If you’re looking for alpaca trekking Dublin, Cornstown house is one of the closest to the capital city.

 It is about a 40 minute drive from Dublin. This organic farm has a lot to offer from milking goats to collecting eggs. Along with the alpaca trekking it is a very unique farm experience.

Price: $30 per person

Andean Alpacas

Andean Alpacas is located in county Westmeath about 1 hour’s drive from Dublin. This farm offers a 2-hour alpaca trekking experience.

 You get to explore the countryside while getting to know each alpaca’s quirky personality. There are light refreshments after the trek as well.

Price: $30 per person

There is also an Alpaca Meet and Greet where you can chill out with the alpacas. You can pet them, feed them and take pictures. This option is suitable for younger kids.

Price: $15 per person

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Alpaca walks ireland

Best Alpaca Walks In Northern Ireland:

Cranfield Alpacas

If you want to go alpaca walking Northern Ireland has some great options to choose from. Cranfield Alpacas is located in County Down in Northern Ireland. They offer a range of alpaca experience:

Field Alpaca Walk: This is a 60 minute alpaca walk that takes you through the countryside and provides amazing views of Carlingford Lough and Mourne Mountains.

Price: $30 per person

Beach Alpaca Trek: This is a 90 to 120-minute alpaca experience. This alpaca walking experience takes you through the countryside and down to Cranfield beach. This is an easy walk where you will learn about the local history and about the alpacas.

Price: $30 per person

Alpaca Meet and Mingle: This is a 40-minute alpaca experience where you can chill out with the alpacas, feed them and pet them.

Budget: $10 per person

Mourne Alpacas

Mourne Alpacas is located in Dromara, county Down. This alpaca farm offers a range of experiences from picnics to learning about baby alpacas, called crias.

 Check out Mourne Alpacas website to learn more about the experiences they offer.

Price: starting from $17

North Coast Alpacas

North Coast Alpacas is situated on the Causeway Coast in Derry. There are many alpaca experiences available here from alpaca trekking to alpaca picnics.

 Check out North Coast Alpacas website for more information on their services.

Price: starting from $25

Strangford Bay Alpacas

Strangford Bay Alpacas is another great option for alpaca trekking Northern Ireland. is located in Strangford, county Down. They offer different alpaca experiences that take you through different parts of the countryside from the woodland trail to the estate and shore walk. Check out Strangford Bay Alpacas website for more information.

Price: starting from $25

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Alpaca walks ireland

Best Non-Trekking Alpaca Experience Ireland:

Hummingbird Alpacas

Hummingbird Alpacas is located in Kilkenny. They offer many different activities including alpaca meet and greets along with the chance to see other farm animals.

Glenbrook Alpacas

Glenbrook Alpacas is located in county Roscommon. You can contact them through Facebook to organize an alpaca meet and greet.

Alpaca Meet and Greet (Bunnanadden)

This Alpaca Meet and Greet is in county Sligo. You get the opportunity to pet and feed alpacas. You can also take them on a casual walk. This alpaca experience takes about 1 hour.

Price: $30 per person.

Glaslough Alpacas

Glaslough Alpacas is situated in county Monaghan. Here you can meet the alpacas and take them for an easy walk around the farm.

Price: $12 per person, $8 for children up to 15 years old

Lurgybrack Farm

Lurgybrack Farm is situated in Letterkenny, county Donegal. Although they are slightly different if you want to see a llama farm Ireland has to offer, This open farm has an array of animals from llamas and ponies to rabbits and chipmunks. This farm doesn’t have an alpaca trekking experience but it is a great place to see lots of animals.

Turoe Pet Farm

Turoe Pet Farm is located in Loughrea, county Galway. They have lots of animals such as alpacas and llamas along with goats and sheep. There is no alpaca trekking here but you can feed and pet some of the animals.

Fairy Pig Walk

The Fairy Pig Walk is located in Kinvara, county Galway. If an alpaca walk isn’t extravagant enough for you, you can take Juliana for a walk instead. Juliana is an adorable pig that you can lead down a trail while learning about a famine village from her owner Emilia.

Price: $49 per person.

Alpaca walks ireland

Stay At An Alpaca Farm:

The Naked Sheep

The Naked Sheep in Tousist also offers an Alpaca Lodge along with the alpaca trekking experience.

Price: $140 per night. 

Hushabye Alpaca Farm

Hushabye Alpaca Farm offers accommodation at a renovated stone cottage. You can also mingle with the herd of alpacas while staying here.

Price: $149 per night.

The Granary

You can rent a room at the converted Granary and experience an alpaca walk at a discounted price while staying here.

Price: $70 per night.

Glamping at the Alpaca Hut

The Alpaca Hut is located on Curraghduff Alpaca Farm. You can get a tour of the farm or even go alpaca trekking while staying here.

Price: $90 per night.

B&B at The Flying Alpaca

Book in for bed and breakfast at the Flying Alpaca Farm. You will even be able to see the alpacas from your bedroom window. 

K2 Alpacas Cottages

Book into K2 Alpacas Cottages and then if you want to go for an alpaca walk Wicklow is a great place to do it. The landscape around K2 Alpacas Cottages is an amazing location to explore.

Price: $120 per night.

Alpaca walks ireland

FAQS About Alpaca Walks Ireland

How Long Is An Alpaca Walk?

If you are wondering how long an alpaca walk is, it usually lasts about an hour. However, alpaca walks usually also involve other activities such as learning about alpacas, spending time feeding and petting them along with taking pictures. So with the other activities included, alpaca walks can take between 1 and 2 hours.

Is Alpaca Walking Fun?

Yes, alpaca walking is fun. Alpacas are incredible animals that love to play and they have an inquisitive nature. Each alpaca has a unique personality that you can get to know by spending time with them. Spending time with alpacas through meet-and-greet experiences and alpaca walks is great fun and a very unique experience.

Are There Alpacas In Ireland?

Yes, there are alpacas in Ireland. While alpacas are not native to Ireland you can see them in many different parts of the country. Andean Alpacas is one of Ireland’s largest Alpaca farms based in County Westmeath. Wild Alpaca Way is another alpaca farm located near Malin Head in Donegal. 

Can You Sit On An Alpaca?

No, you cannot sit on an alpaca. You cannot ride an alpaca as the bone structure of alpacas is not designed to carry heavy loads, alpacas are just not strong enough to carry a human. Alpacas are very light animals and they do not like to have things placed on their back. 

Now you’re ready to book an alpaca experience in Ireland!

Walking an alpaca through the Irish countryside is such a unique experience. You get to spend time with animals and explore nature. 

With this guide, you know the best places to walk alpacas in Ireland and what to expect when you do it.

Why not try something new and take an alpaca for a walk? Afterwards, you can check out more of what Ireland has to offer.

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